Monday, August 13, 2007

Boring August?

Ha ha, NONE of the blogs I read have been updated in the last little while and it's making me so bored! I figured I'd try and start a trend though, and maybe other people will feel inspired! (hopefully).... anyways, it has not been a boring August! I just realized that I never posted about my birthday!!! I feel like being a dork and making separate paragraphs today (unlike always, which must be obnoxious to read), so....

I got to go home early from work (at lunchtime!) and help get stuff ready. We had a BBQ at my house cause my Auntie Sharon and Uncle Joey were here with Auntie Sharon's mom (aka grandma Pinette, I always get in trouble if I don't call her grandma and I like it!) and Gail! It was a fun time and we had Jeanne's cakes (2)! Plus, Janet and Jennifer and David came too and so did Mattie and Nattie and James! And one of Molly's friends too! Then we went and saw Shrek 3 (me, James, Nattie, Mattie) and it was really good! The baby shreks were soooo cute!

On Saturday, we went to Calaway Park in Matt's topless Jeep! It was really fun! I even went on Chaos, which I'd never been on before cause I was always too afraid! And we had frozen lemonades which were so delicious! And me and James played minigolf in less time than it took Nattie and Mattie to wait in line for the bumper boats! It was nuts! This year we really put our seasons passes to good use though, and that makes me happy! We only went twice, but it's extra worth it even then! I should have written about this before cause now I forgot what else we did! Oh yeah! We went out for dinner and then we went to the Keg for dessert and it was really delicious but made me so sick that everyone had to leave right after the movie we rented later (Relative Strangers. It was not that good anyways).... in any case, I should have known that a "brownie sundae" would have a LOT of fatty milk products in it. It was a bummer, but oh well!

On Sunday we went shopping at Designer Depot in the North and that was really fun, and I bought a fun dress! And then we had another BBQ, and instead of Janet, David and Jennifer, we traded for Maile and Cam and Mia (their puppy dog) and it was really fun! I didn't really want to say anything because I wanted to be polite, but Maile's put on a little weight... tee hee, I kid, she's pregnant... anyways, then we went and saw Hairspray and it was really fun and then we had food at Humpty's! And we seated ourselves! It was really busy and only 1 waitress was working so she just handed us menus and pointed! It was funnie! We felt bad for her though because lots of people were being rude and impatient! And, at Humpty's, Nattie gave me my b-day present! It was a beautiful purple TNA zipup and I love it soooo much! I'm so upset that I got something on it though, because I wanted to hold off washing it until it was pretty dirty so it would still be all soft inside! That's OK though! I love it so much! I also got some money from my Auntie Sharon, Uncle Joey, Maile and Cam and a best buy gift card from Gail! It was so very nice of them (and unnecessary!)!

Monday was my actual birthday! James took me on a date and we upgraded the ipod that my parents gave me to a video ipod, which I love now, but I will get so much use out of it come schooltime!!! I'm excited! I just have to buy some software so that I can put movies and stuff on it from DVDs!!! Anyways, this has been a VERY long update, I hope everyone else follows suit!!!