Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lose-lose situation

I really don't have TOO TOO much to say today... yesterday we went to the hockey game for Nattie's birthday and we all had lots and lots of fun! Ha ha, as far as I know we had lots and lots of fun anyways! Tee hee, it was a really good game though, the Flames won, but the Sharks definitely gave them a run for their money, particularly at the end! Also, I finally (think) I know what the offside rule is, so that's pretty exciting!

As far as today's title goes.... I was a little depressed sitting in class today because we were talking about how women are always depressed when they have children (or at least more depressed, in general than men). Being a housewife is no good because you are kind of isolated and have no independence (read: no income) and have to rely on your husband for money "now" and later in life when you have no pension (or too small a pension). Full-time working moms aren't happy because they have too much on their plates and part-time working moms feel like they aren't good at anything. Ha ha, real selling points for the propagation of the species coming from my class, hey?

This isn't necessarily to say that I'm dying to have babies and now I'm upset because it's obviously not a very good choice.... it's just kind of a bummer I guess, that if I hypothetically had babies (or baby, whatever), I wouldn't be very happy day-to-day.... I'm not sure how accurate this study was, it was kind of exploratory, and you never know what works for every person in the world, but it was still a little bleak.

Anyways, otherwise the week has been decent. I'm so excited it's Thursday today! And I think we're having Tim Horton's chili (from the good Timmie's in Douglasglen) for dinner today, which is just what the doctor ordered because of the flipping cold! Also, Survivor starts in 7 days, 2 hours, and 47 minutes! After that, I've got nothing in my countdown! I definitely should put the Thrice show in there, but that's just 2 days after Survivor starts, so I'll have to make some other exciting plans! Well, I guess going to Edmonton and reading week are exciting, so there it is I suppose!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

A quick one!

I really think I'm going to try and be speedy on this one, because I may be going to wait in line while Nattie's in class for the Lululemon Warehouse sale! Hooray! I hope it doesn't get too cold if I do go out there and wait. Smart people should be selling hot chocolate and coffee today but who knows if anyone in this city will be doing so! I could have sworn I had something else important to say, other than that IT'S THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!! I'm so excited! I don't even care what we do, cause it's THURSDAY! I kind of hope we go to the Lululemon warehouse sale, but we shall see! Anyways, I think that's all! It's flipping cold in this room! I wonder how much reading I could get done while waiting in line for a few hours!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


A few things, mostly less happy than I would like, but here it is.

Firstly, I have to copy what Linda said today in class. Not that I'm a big Heath Ledger fan or anything, but it's totally weird that he died. Linda's right, no 28 year old should die. It just isn't fair. I dunno though. I guess these things happen. Anyways, that's most sad news.

Also, I don't know what to do about something. I shouldn't put any details on the internet because I wouldn't want anyone to find out and get offended, but there it is. I just wish I knew what to do. So there it is.

Anyways, on to happier things. It was a pretty good day! I get to sleep with my mama's magic bag again which makes me so happy because it keeps me warm! I'm watching Wife Swap and it's the same ol same ol and it's brutal. One family is clean and the other one is messy, one family won't let their kids pass the stop sign and the other kids can stop cars they don't know in the street and give them a fake speeding ticket (which was really freaking cute). My stupid course pack is at the bookstore for my class now so I'll have to read a bunch of it. It sucks big time. Whatever though!!! Ha ha, I wonder if I'm going to fall asleep at like 9:30 again! I missed a lot of one of my favourite shows, The Biggest Loser! Annnyways, I wish I had more exciting things to write about today! Almost time for the Flames game next Wednesday though! And also, tomorrow is Thursday! Hooray for Thursday!!! I love Thursday!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I HATE the sound of chewing. I just H-A-T-E it! There's this friggin girl in this computer lab right now and she's eating rice crackers (which also happen to smell awful) and dropping crumbs all over the floor. It's flipping disgusting. Oh wow she just opened another package. Kill me now. Tee hee, plus I'm a little hungry so I'm jealous even though if I had to eat whatever it is she's having I'd say thanks but no thanks anyways.

OK, so I wrote that a few hours ago and I have luckily escaped the horrible chewing! I have an hour left to work now, so a little more time to mess around and so I'm going to finish this up.

School's been OK so far. A lot of reading, but whatever, it happens. Work is going good with school together which I'm very very thankful for! Tonight I get to go out for dinner to Caesar's steakhouse and am very excited because the food there is muy delicioso! And I'm still hungry (no big surprise) even though I already ate my lunch :(. Anyways, I really can't stay long, I have to finish up some work, but I had to rant about the chewing. It was just awful.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My newest search! And an unfortunate event.

First, for the unfortunate event. I really have to be QUICK with this post because I have class in exactly 27 minutes and it just moved so I don't want to be late. ANNNYYYWAYS.....

On Monday, I was taking the train from school to work and I was in the front car (of course) when the train hit a person. It was absolutely terrifying and the driver was obviously totally and completely in shock. It was so brutal and luckily (for me) all I saw was the driver freaking out. I think the woman is still alive but I'm pretty certain she meant to do it so that's got to be a highly unfortunate situation.

Now for my latest images search!!! I got a new phone yesterday!!! Hooray!!!! It's a slidey one and I really like it a lot. It's very small though, and I'll be very very afraid to lose it, at least for the first little while!

Anyways, that's really about all. Otherwise, the semester (of 2 days) is going well so far. Yesterday Jordan took me on a wonderful date because of being together for three years and it was low key (as always). I took the bus to Mt. Royal to do work until 6:30 when his class was over, but it got cancelled so the second I sat down and got all cozy in the library (which is soooo much nicer than the U of C's, by the way) he came to get me cause it was already time to go. Oh well though, it was fun to hang out extra! Then we went to Chinook Centre to waste a little time and had a snack with Nate and Skuce (who were on their way to work at Aldo). Then we had a delicious dinner at Chianti and we really tried to see a movie but NOTHING worked for us, so we rented Mr. Woodcock (which was OK but kind of stupid), watched a little Seinfeld, and OH! we tried to play Super Paper Mario, cause we rented it but my Wii didn't like it! I'll have to try and clean 'er off and see what I can get done there. Anyways, I should go because it's almost time to go to class! With one of my very favourites, Dr. Wong! All in all, my teachers are very good this semester (I half know, half think). Dr. Wong and Linda are two of my very favourites and then my Soci of work teacher seems amazing and then my fourth one seems pretty good even though she's a little pretentious (which happens).


Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have three important things to talk about today! A list! Hooray!

1. My week off

Today is pretty much the last day of my lazy-time off! I actually didn't have that many lazy lazy days but it was good anyways. I know I'll be cursing it soon enough when I get no paycheque in two weeks, but it's been pretty worth it. Hard to believe that it's been almost two weeks already though! Or maybe I will get one week's worth in two weeks. Hmmm. I'm actually not sure. Whatever though, I'll work it out. Oh, by the way, I'm watching Maury right now and there's a piece of tape from the show Cheaters, which I WISH you could see in Canada (or at least on the channels I get)!

2. Molly's car

Tomorrow Molly and my dad are going to Edmonton to probably buy a car. I will probably go with them to pick it up! This is not a very exciting thing, but that's OK. Well, it's exciting for Molly! I hope we play Animal on the way home. HA HA!!!!


Firstly, yes, I know I spelled "favourites" wrong, but since it's an American network, that's the way they spell it so I figure it would be inappropriate for me to spell it the correct way. Anyways.... I'm SOOO excited! Some of MY favourites are coming back! James, Jonathan, Jonny Fairplay AND Yau-Man are ALL going to be in it!!! Plus, Ami, everyone's favourite self-righteous homosexual!!!! I was reading some stuff online though, about how people are pissed about the Jonny-Fairplay-grandma's-dead-incident and I think they can unclench. He made a hilarious and brilliant move! It was awesome! I hope he sticks around for a WHILE and that Amanda gets voted out FIRST! I'm so so so so excited! Only 28 days, 7 hours, and 38 minutes!

Actually, there is more to talk about! I've been watching Big Love lately and have started to enjoy it. The characters are rich and funny and quirky and I've really started to enjoy it. Anyways, I think I will keep on watching it. I kind of like how he loves his first wife best out of all of them. It's just a really good show.


We're going to Banff this weekend! I forgot about that and I'm such an idiot! I'm so so so excited! We're leaving at like 9 or something on Saturday morning and staying over on Saturday night! Oh, of course "we"= James, Lou, Mattie, and Nattie! We're going to the hot springs, which I'm super excited for because I love the hot springs! Plus a nature walk and maybe a movie or something and some shopping! I'm just very excited for the whole thing.

OK, now I'm really done.


Monday, January 7, 2008

Nattie's birthday!

On Friday, we went out to see Juno for Nattie's birthday! The movie was amazing, and everyone liked it which was good! And then we went to Humpty's for our usual after-movie breakfast (or chicken fingers in Matt's case) which was fun and mostly good, except my bacon was kind of gross cause it was like 60% fat, so I just ate the good parts, but whatever! Annnyways, then we came back here and me and Jord were so excited to give Nattie her present that we did it in the middle of the night! We hid it beside my water softener and I made a treasure map for it at work on New Years Day (we were obviously very busy that day... ha ha, this is what I got paid time and a half for!) and then she had to find puzzle pieces based on the clues that we gave her! It was really fun, and then after she put the puzzle together she found her Flames and Sharks ticket for the 30th of January! I'm so so so excited for the game and so extra super thrilled that Nattie liked it and is also excited! Now, I shall include the pictures!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

So hilarious!

Today we went to have our pictures taken out by Strathmore today and when we were driving back we were talking about how insufferably bored we all were and Molly suggested we play a game called Animal. What's that? We asked... and as it turns out, "Animal" is just "20 Questions" except that you have to pick an animal as the thing you're thinking of. Anyways, here's how it went...

Molly: K, you just have to pick an animal and then other people ask you 20 questions to try and guess what the animal is, like Is is a carnivore and stuff like that.
Lauren: Are you ready?
Molly: Yes.
Lauren: OK, is it a carnivore?
M: Oh wait, I'm not ready yet.
L: OK.
M: Now I'm ready.
L: Is it a carnivore?
M: What's that?

--which was hilarious, of course, because it was her example! It was hilarious! But then there was more!

(I was choosing)
(*it had already been discovered that it was a domesticated animal...)
M:Does it have fur?
(*it was a horse)
L: Yes.
M: Is it an elephant?
(funny for many many reasons)
L: No.
M: Is it domesticated for its ivory?

(Molly was choosing again)

L:(among other questions) is it a mammal?
M: What's a mammal
Momma (K): An animal that gives birth to its young.
M: OK, yes.
(and then we got down to the last questions and I still couldn't guess it)
L: K, what is it?
M: HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got you!
L:So what is it?
M: An Ostrich!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then we told her how an ostrich was a bird, and she goes, no! It gives birth to its babies, it lays eggs! It was just flipping hilarious! It was just way too much fun!

Anyways, on another note, I flipping love mangoes. I just ate a whole one and I wish I had another!

Me and James gave Nattie her b-day present yesterday and I'm very excited to post pictures! Maybe I'll do it in a little while!

Those were the days....

I'm just enjoying the beginning of my brand new All In The Family, season 1 DVD that Nattie got me for Christmas! (which was sooooo worth the wait!) and I was just thinking about how much I like to see the pilot of some sitcoms (this one in particular) and how the actors play their parts in the beginning, after seeing how it turns out. What I mean is that you can sometimes see a difference from the way they play it in later seasons because you can sort of tell that they ended up settling into the part in a different way as they started playing it. I really like to see the beginning of stuff, it's very cool. One of my favourite parts of this pilot is that Archie is the same pretty much the whole time and I just love him, even though the character is an ogre. Gee whiz I love this show!