Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yesterday... funniness!

OK, I totally forgot about this!!! Yesterday me and Byron were doing math and he was being really giggly (as my mother pointed out, Byron doesn't really giggle, but he was laughing lots, so it will from now on be talked about as giggly). And that made me kind of giggly too. On Sunday I was watching The Office with my mom, and in the last episode of the second season, Michael is talking about their casino and how good he is at poker and he says "I'm going to drop a deuce on everyone" or something hilarious like that. So Byron was talking while he was writing the question and he said deuce instead of two, and I just burst out laughing and told him why and we had a good laugh together. It was really fun.

Math day!

I don't particularly feel like going to math today, but I think I'll go, seeing as I'm here and stuff. Plus, I have nothing better to do this evening until American Idol starts. I really wanted to finish that book for that other class, but didn't get a chance and I certainly am not doing it on the weekend! I'm not doing ANYTHING on the weekend! Except spending time with James, probably. And tutoring, but only for 1 hour. Anyways... nothing important or exciting going on, except that I think we all know there's a good chance I won't go to class. Ha ha, I'm so stupid! OK, I know what! If the solutions for the sheet are on the website, I'll go home, and if they aren't, I'll go to class. DUN DUN DUN! Oh shoot. To go, or not to go. (The solutions are not posted). Oh I don't know. I'm going home. Boourns to math. But I think I'll wait a while and then my parents won't know I skipped!!! Hooray!!! I never EVER learn anything in that tutorial anyways, and there's no quiz this week, so I'm totally skipping! Have a nice evening all! (well, the 3 people who read this ;)) LATER!!! :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Still very tired of this.

I don't know what else to say, other than what I said in my last post. Tee hee. I just am so tired of doing all of this, you know? Eh, I should just try not to complain so much, and then maybe I won't be so depressed!!! Anyways, I was thinking about it this morning, how nice it would be to quit my math degree, just get a soci degree and get an office job. Maybe nice isn't the right word, maybe easy and comfortable is the right word. Well, words. In any case, I really don't want to quit. It shouldn't be too much longer, I think. It probably will be too much longer though. I just checked the requirements for a math degree, and I'm nowhere near what I need. That's kind of depressing, but oh well, right? I can't decide if I should have a math year next year or not. I doubt I'd be able to get into all math things, but I suppose I shall have to see. Hmmm. Oh well. I have to go to class soon, I shouldn't have gone on the computer at all since I have more than 100 pages left to read in my book for my 2:00 class (I know I won't get it done today, but I'm not concerned), but I just had to take a break! so boo, I say. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So tired of this...

Hey all!!! I don't have too too much to say today, but it's Tuesday and I have the time, so I might as well!!! Today I had a funny day. I just didn't feel like going to school. I just want it to be OVER!!! And today I had an attack of that nature. I think it's just cause I saw Jordy cause he left his phone at my house and so we met so he could get it back. Anyways, between that and the yucky snowy weather, I think I was just in a bad mood. Oh well though. Now I don't feel so awful about being here. I still don't want to be here, no doubt, but I just don't feel in the mood to do this today. I think it's also because I've had such a lousy year here. I was sick at the beginning and so lonely last semester there were a few times I was sure I would just start randomly crying in class (while being sick though, that had a lot to do with it)... then I had to work with that horrible horrible woman and so that was a real blow... then I failed computers. I dunno. And this semester has been better though, not 100%. I still don't really know anyone here, though it's nice to have Ashley and Kristi in my classes (also nice that it's different classes), even though they're a little abrasive at times. That's OK though. I like tutoring more than working at IDA. I dunno. I think that it's just been a long time since I just got to sit on my bum and do nothing at home for a whole day. I can't wait for Saturday though!!! Laura will come at 10:30, for an hour, and then I have the rest of the day to myself!!! AND I can watch Moving Up (one of my new favourite shows). Anyways, I definitely feel better now. I kind of want to switch computer labs though, because I brought my DVD from the Love Vote (the dating show thing that my boss was on) and I wanted to watch it but I'm afraid I'll set off an alarm if I try and find the speaker thing so I can plug in my headphones. I'll just watch it later I guess!!!

Ooh, today on the train I was reading Foucault, and it was this description of punishment from the 1700s or something. It was SOOOO graphic and sickening!!!! It makes me real sad that people did stuff like that to other people!!! Anyways... Nattie should update her d-land cause she hasn't in like 2 weeks!!!! <3

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm a nerd.

You are most like:

Your cranial ability differential has a strong left bias

You're a real purist nerd. Not distracted by the 1337 wannabe's. Face it - you probably even got the joke in the title of this result.

Keep up the nerd factor - it will likely land you a great job one day or at the very least help you take over the world in less time than you had originally predicted.


Take this quiz: How Nerdy Are You?

YES!!! I didn't get the insult!!!!


Today I am in Canmore with my family. It is much fun. Yesterday we went to Banff and looked around and enjoyed a movie (Wild Hogs), except it wasn't too good... but then after we came home we enjoyed both Saved and When Harry Met Sally, which are two of my all-time favourites!!! I am having a nice time, but I kind of miss James a lot. And Nattie and Mattie of course, but it is sometimes normal to not see Nattie and Mattie for a weekend, but not James. So yes... I will be missing all three of them very muchly tonight because I will be watching The Apprentice and The Amazing Race all by myself. Molly watched 1 vs. 100 with me on Friday though, so maybe she'll watch them with me, but somehow I doubt it. I was thinking about Kaila the other day and how she must be looking at all this AMAZING scenery, being in Japan... but then I looked around me and realized that this is pretty AMAZING scenery as well. And it made me slightly less jealous of her adventure!!! <3

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My new office

MY OFFICE HAS A WINDOW!!!!!!! A REAL, LIVE WINDOW!!!!!!!!!! IN MY OWN OFFICE, ON MY WALL!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! There seems to be nothing more depressing than spending 8 hours in an office with no windows. Nothing, I say. My new office on the ninth floor though, has a window of its own! At Power I had zero natural light, then on the third floor at Oil and Gas I could see a window through someone else's office. But now I have my own window!!! And I can see lots of nice things from it: the Calgary Tower, Hotel Arts, the Palliser hotel, and many other wonderful things that I just can't remember right now! I'm just SO EXCITED! It's so beautiful!!! And it has blinds too, so I can close them so there's no glare on my computer. It's so stupid that I'm so excited about this, but I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! I just can't wait to be there tomorrow and enjoy my window!!! And clean out my drawers and put my stuff away! A WINDOW!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


EEK! So, Kiwanis was on Saturday and it was very scary! It worked out OK though, whatever. Then we went to Limericks for dinner and I thought it was mighty delicious but everyone else just thought it was OK I think. I am DEFINITELY going back there in the future though!!! Mmmm, let's see... what else is going on... my tutoring thing is crazy huge these days apparently! I have 5 kids right now: Jenn, Byron, Marnie, Laura, and Kiana. But, when Eleanor and I spoke on Monday, I'm pretty sure she is going to send her daughter, Ebony and it sounded like Betty thought that Ryan maybe needed help. It would be a little strange to tutor Ryan though, because I worked with him. We'll see what happens though. Plus, Nattie posted a comment about a gr. 10 person and Sam said 2 people on my blog too, so I'm just amazed! I'll have to start saying no soon, because I feel very busy. I'm very excited to go away to Banff (I think) this weekend!!! My webmessenger isn't working right today, which is sad, but not a big deal because noone is really online. It's quite unfortunate!!! I don't have much else to say today! I think I'm going to skip math though. There's no quiz today and I've been exhausted all day. I'll never make it through. Yes, I will be skipping math today. And I have no lesson because Noelle has to deal with Horton! So, things are good! Except that I left my stupid wallet at home today so I had to borrow money from my ma on the way to school. Oh well though. It worked out OK, so that's exciting!!! I feel quite sleepy though still. I spent my whole morning packing and moving giant blue bins so that Sherritt can be moved this evening. Right now-ish probably as a matter of fact. I'm gonna go get on with my skipping class now though. Love you all, can't wait to read fun comments!!! <3

OH, and finally, a great quote from today: "Society isn't going to change just because YOU decide to procreate" -Ashley, in soci 371. SOO FUNNIE! (and true)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What? IT's tuesday?!?!?!

Here we are again! I only have 20 minutes to update though, so I'll try and be quick. I don't want to go to math, but what else is new (NOTHING)... I should have stayed in my original math tutorial, then I would be going home right now. I am just sick with anxiety that Kiwanis is this weekend. I really want to back out now, but I can't cause that would be stupid. I don't know why I'm so nervous. I really wish the accompanist that Noelle hired could play it better. She's not a bad pianist, it's just that she plays/prefers jazz and a classical, 10 page Schubert piece isn't exactly easy. Especially with all the chords! There was something comfortable about Hugh. It was never a big production, or a performance, it just was what it was. Not to say that I dislike Noelle. I like that she's making me do all these things, cause in the end it will be a good experience, not a bad one, and it's kind of nice that she blows smoke up my ars, but I dunno. It makes it brutal. I don't know. Whatever. I should just forget about the thing until the day that it is. It's only Tuesday and I'm so nervous I could throw up. Whatever whatever whatever. In other news, I ordered business cards from Staples yesterday and they're already done. I'll scan one when I get a chance (I haven't picked them up yet, but they phoned me)... they have a dragon on them cause he was cute. It also says I'm a math enthusiast, which is weird, but I don't care. I AM a math enthusiast! I just want to go home right now. I'm not even nervous about my stupid math quiz, but whatevs. I should go though, as I said I don't have a whole huge block of time, and I must go!!!

<3 to everyone!

And leave comments, you crazy people!!! Ha ha, unless noone reads this. ;)