Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mmmm, stuff!

I'm sitting at home today before I have to work (weird, I know.... it's Thursday, I'm supposed to only hang out with Nattie on thursdays!).... I'm not entirely sure how long I will be able to stay here because my pops is driving me to work (well, the library) and I don't know what time we will be leaving, so I may finish this later. Hopefully by then something extra interesting will have happened! Though, I suppose that exciting things have happened since I last wrote!

We started conjugating a couple of verbs yesterday in Italian and that was kind of fun because I was kind of wondering how long it would take her to get there. It was fun though. I was so tired yesterday though, I woke up early (6:15), even though I knew I was going to have to but I had had trouble sleeping last night. Anyways, so I was very tired all day and I'm in class from 9 until 4 with about a total of a half hour of break time in between. Anyways, I shouldn't complain. It was fine. I spent my afternoon learning about genitals which was funny sort of. Especially because my professor doesn't know how to pronounce most of the stuff he was talking about, I think, so he just kind of mumbles through it. I'm pretty psyched for it to turn into the "psychological" issues or whatevs part. (and aside: my dad and I are sort of watching this hour has 22 minutes and they have a little "commercial" about how smoking is bad with some guys doing stuff like play instruments after they had had trachiotomies (sp?). Yuck.).

Annnnnd I'm back! I'm enjoying a little bit of my very, very favourite TV station! Right now Family Guy is on, Seinfeld is next!!!! And Seinfeld is just my favourite! I also bought some Kernels popcorn today (which I've been doing far too much of lately, but oh well), which is also pretty darned exciting! Kaila is coming home soon which is highly exciting also!!! Really much more exciting than Seinfeld being on soon or having Kernels popcorn, but it's all exciting at this moment!!!

Ha ha, I really have nothing to write about! Jord and I got F some t-shirts for her birthday on Saturday from Johnny Cupcakes! I would post them but I'm far, far too lazy!

Ooh, also coming home (on SATURDAY) is Kristen from work!!! i'm so excited for her to come back!

Anyways, as usual, I've spent PLENTY of time writing about nothing, so I'll sign off now. School tomorrow, I'm off to enjoy Seinfeld (only 5 minutes left!)....


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Sup? Who likes my molto italiano title? Me! I do! Ha ha, just jokes. I do like it, but it's just good times. I can introduce myself, ask you how you are, where you're from and say some other fun stuff like l'alfabeto and numeros! Good times! I just got back from the lake, which was sooooo much fun! I ate before I left and now I'm STARVING again! I have to have a show-show though still so I can do that first! Anyways, as you can tell I have nothing to write about, as usual!

The lake was really spectacular again today though. I think I may have a tiny, tiny start on a tan too, which is super duper exciting! I like a good natural tan! Actually, I LOVE a good natural tan!

Me and Nattie are going to see a movie tonight because Survivor is over! I hope it's super duper good!

Nothing else (nothing at all) interesting to write!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not much, not much

School starts tomorrow, hooray! (or not, but whatevs)... ha ha ha..... I had a fairly unproductive day. I woke up, cleaned my bedroom a little, filled up my bike tires, went to the lake and took out a kayak (and made it around the lake in like 15 minutes which was kind of nice) and then messed around until J got here for tutoring! It was lots of fun because she's awesome and easy to teach (new from last week). My daddy brought a sub home for dinner and then he took me for a trip to get some lunchies snacks! Hooray!!!

Oh yeah! How could I forget!?!!?!?!?! My dear wonderful friend Aaron is getting married!!!! June 27! So soon! I'm pretty excited for it, it should be awesome and I'm so excited for him!!!!! It's definitely kind of strange though because he's my first friend to get married! It's just all very exciting!

Right now I'm reacquainting myself with Will and Grace which is pretty fun! I haven't watched this show in such a long time! It's been fun! I had an enjoyable day off though. It's been nice. I wish I could do this every day.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Edmonton, etc, etc...

Greetings! Wow has it ever been a while! I hope this isn't too long, but I did have a very exciting and fun and information filled trip!

I got all my marks from school! I got an A in both stats and work, an A- in race and ethnicity and a B+ in corrections! I'm really psyched about that, and I got my term paper in the mail today from Dr. Wong and am thrilled! he said it was an excellent term paper, which was music to my ears! I think I might go talk to him next semester or something and ask him if he thinks my work is good enough for grad school. Ha ha, he'd probably say no, but who knows! Whatever though. I'm just really excited about it all... I wonder if Linda will tell me what I got on my stats exam though. It had to be pretty good, so I'll maybe go see her in the spring.

Anyways, I don't want to think/talk about school anymore!


So, we left on Wednesday (the 30th) at about 2. Our first task was to get gas, slurpees, and 5-cent candies. We went to the seven eleven by Beaverbrook and got gas and candy, but their slurpees were NOT in good shape! So we kind of spent a few minutes looking back and forth from one another and the slurpee machine and eventually we said we'd find another one. Neither of us could think of where a seven eleven was on Deerfoot north so we just went to the one in Queensland, which is super backtracking, but it was fun! We also decided that it would be the best place to live because there is a condo complex right across from a seven eleven, next to a pizza place, next to a liquor store. Plus, it would be right on the bus line to get to the mall, so we could work at the mall and drink slurpees and beer and eat pizza and amanda could smoke lots forever and so easily. It was a most excellent fun time. Anyways, once we were finally on the road we had a great time! We talked the whole way there and then totally got lost because of my stupid mapquest directions! We were a few kilometres away from St. Albert when we decided to turn around. We kind of drove ALL the way back to where we had started and tried again. Then we found our way and met Sandy and Brenda for dinner. That was lots of fun, and then we went to Brenda's room and all watched America's Next Top Model, Criminal Minds, and American Idol (Brenda is in love with her boyfriend, David Cook). Anyways, then we went to sleep and Amanda and I talked for like three hours, which we did every single night even though we had to wake up at 6.

Anyways, I won't share ALL the details, but it was a good time, we talked a lot and drank a LOT of coffee and ate a LOT of squares and had a LOT of smoke breaks. It was a great time, and they fed us so much I can't even explain! We learned a lot too, and I really hope that people start utilizing our "travel counsellor" services.

Some things that I really want to see, some of it because of this weekend and otherwise because I have wanted to see it anyways: Blackfoot Crossing, Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Telus World of Science in Edmonton, the Edmonton Zoo, and lots and lots of others.

At the very least, I learned that this is a truly spectacular province to experience, even for those of us who have grown up here. There are so many cool and unique things to see and do, and I think we're really fortunate to be so close to all these super cool attractions and things.

Anyways, it was a good but super exhausting trip, and it's SUPER awesome that we got paid for learning all this cool stuff! Soon we are going to teach all the stuff we learned to the rest of the girls (and Brady of course), and yesterday we were working on it!

It was a great time, and I'm super excited to watch last week AND this week's Survivors!!!!

Amanda and I had a LOT of conversations about the state of the world and the thoughts that I've been thinkin' lately about the song "All U Can Eat" by Ben Folds.

Anyways, I'll leave this novel at this point. I was reading a really cool article about Bill Cosby pretty recently so I'll probably post it soon with my thoughts :)