Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yes, my friends, this is a picture of the "Teletubbies" being arrested (or given stern talkings-to by the cops). This happened on our pub crawl as we were leaving Tequila. I thought it was very funny!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Counting down the minutes until Saigon!!

The weekend was pretty fun!!! In fact, it feels like it was a long time ago and I hardly remember what happened. Hmmm. Let's see. On Friday, me and James did.... something...... and it lasted until about 10 (but I can't remember what it was to save my life)..... oh my gosh, why can't I remember. This is so bad!....NATTIE JUST REMINDED ME! We watched the hockey game! Well, Jordan watched and I slept. It was good though! Well, anyways, when we were done whatever it was that we had done, we called Nattie and saw a movie with her!!! We just rented one, but it was good. We rented..... oh yeah, we rented The Believer. It was pretty darn good but a little confusing. It's about this Jewish Anti-semite (yes, you read that right), played by Ryan Gosling (who does a phenomenal job of it). Anyways, the movie is pretty long but very good and I liked it, but I think it would be a good one to see again to see if I actually get it. I really liked the parts that they show of him as a kid in Hebrew school, arguing with his teacher and his friend(?) Avi. I think because the kid makes me think of my dad (not because my dad is an anti-semite). I just imagine that that's what he was like when he went to parochial school. One time, he punched his teacher in the face because the teacher had ripped my dad's shirt (I imagine grabbing him out of his chair for misbehaving) and he knew he would be in trouble when he got home. Did he punch the teacher in the face or kick him in the nuts? I do not remember exactly now, but I think it was a groin kick. Anyways, it's a funnie story. My dad was a real badass in his childhood for sure.

Then, on Saturday, we went on a pub crawl with Nate, Skuce, Felipe, Jason, Jackie, Ian, the Dans, and some other people that I had never met before. Also, I finally got to meet Miguel! It was pretty exciting, because I've heard stories about him and I knew he existed but I had never met him, so that was definitely fun and exciting!!!! The pub crawl was pretty fun for a while, but it's not really mine and Jordan's scene. Plus, clubs are more fun for single people we think. I was also feeling pretty darn sick so we decided we should bail. Anyways, we called Nattie again and grabbed a quick bite to eat and then saw another movie! We went to The Heartbreak Kid, with Ben and Jerry Stiller. It was sooooo funnie! I thought so anyways, I'm not 100% sure Nattie thought it was as funny as I did, but there was a guy in front of us who must have thought it was GREAT!!! He kept clapping, and at one point he actually stood up out of his chair and clapped! It was half the fun just to watch him!!! Anyways, it was a very good movie! I'm not 100% sure I'd buy it, but it would be really nice if it were out on DVD for Christmas, then it could be my family's Christmas movie, I just don't see it happening. I'm sure we'll find something though...

Anyways, after the movie, we all just went home (well, sort of, I ended up sleeping over at James's)... and me and James were going to watch SNL but we just fell asleep!!! It was a long and exhausting day!!!

Then, on Sunday... me and James hung out for a while, had lunch with Nattie at Burger Inn, which was highly delicious! Then we played some Mario Party 8 and then Jord had to go get Nate from work! So, me and Nattie played a little Nancy Drew and then I went home for dinner. Then, after dinner, I went back over and hung out with Nattie and Mattie!!! It was exciting that Matt was back from his cruise, and I learned that he wants to move to the Caymans and become a pirate! I think this is a fine plan, because if Matt moves, Nattie will probably have to and if Nattie does, I may as well! Then Jordan could come too and we could all live in the Caymans! Tee hee, I don't think I would really want to live there, but it's a nice thought!!! We watched Heartland, Nattie's favourite new show and a couple of episodes of The Office from season 3. It was really fun!

Not too too much else to report! Nicole came yesterday for tutoring and she stayed for 2 hours. It was really good. Right now I'm waiting for my math lab to start and I am NOT excited for it! Math lab is always such a royal pain because it's soooo boring!!! We have computers, but we can't really go on them and have fun because it's loud and disruptive. Anyways, I also found out when my only final this semester is! It's on Dec. 13, so after that I will be able to work more hours and get lots of moneys!!! Tee hee, definitely not lots! But still, it will be nice to work a little extra and pick up a little extra cash. I'm a little excited for Christmas now. I bought a present for someone yesterday and that made me a little excited. Apparently, this lady that Nattie works with already has her Christmas tree out though. Maybe not up, Nattie couldn't remember, but it should still be in the basement!!! I absolutely draw the line at Halloween!!! You CANNOT have your tree out of your basement before Halloween!!!! It's just not allowed! I seriously don't get why anyone would want to look at that darn thing for more than, like, 2 weeks!!!! Whatevs though. I guess if you're not really a grinch like me you would want to. I just don't get it!!!

Oh, yeah, Judge Judy yesterday! It was so crazy, this woman was suing this other woman (the wife of a guy she was seeing) because the wife had beat up the mistress. It was a pretty good case, but the wife had a countersuit for emotional distress or whatever. So, Judge Judy found in the mistress's favour on the claim, for her medical bills, etc ($4000!!!!) and then they got to the counterclaim and she granted the wife the same amount for "alienation of affection"... I also saw this on Dr. Phil the other week, where if someone cheats with your spouse, they can be held liable for it! The lady on Dr. Phil had to cough up $50,000 for it!!!! I think that's the worst, craziest law ever! It's the husband's fault, NOT THE MISTRESS'S!!!! Anyways, I was blown away.

And, finally... my title.... me and Nattie go to Saigon Y2K, a really delicious Vietnamese restaurant almost every Thursday. Last week, we went to Swiss Chalet instead, and while it was delicious, it leaves a great hole in my heart where Saigon usually goes! So I'm extra excited for Thursday! And I was really hungry yesterday and it got me thinking about it! I even tried to find a picture on the internet so I could post it here, but alas, no such luck. Only 2 days, 8 hours and 43 minutes until Saigon time!!!! (thank you, cell phone countdown!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sicky day

I stayed home sick today because I felt like death most of the weekend and so I thought today would be the best day to have to stay home because I definitely can't stay home tomorrow! I wish I could, but I can't!!!

Anyways, the weekend was good. I did a lot of mall stuff though. I worked in the booth on Thursday (hooray! SOOOOOO much better than Segway), and then Friday we had this course thing and then I worked Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was ALL in the booth and Saturday was about half and half. I changed my clothes SO many times on Saturday though it was insane!

Anyways, on Friday after the course me and Nattie and Mattie all watched the Office! I was very tired though, I think I kicked them out at like 10:30 which I felt pretty bad about, and sad because I was having a lot of fun! But it is what it is I suppose. Then work was pretty good, Jord and Mel and Kyle came and sat with me while I had lunch and then after I went to Safeway to meet Jord and then waited for what seemed like forever for him! Plus, Starbucks was closed and I had looked forward to my non-fat, no-whip cafe mocha ALL DAY! Anyways, again, it is what it is. I bought a red bull instead and that was pretty decent. Then, we went to Mel's house and watched the game and ate some pizza and then we went to ScreamFest. We kind of knew better too, but we went anyways. And it was pretty much as lame as last year. Oh well though, it was nice to hang out! And then we went to my house and watched SNL. Well, tried to. It was a repeat from 2 weeks ago. Nice work, SNL. Tee hee. Oh well though. We both fell asleep pretty early and then Sunday I went to work again and then we went to The Spill Canvas at the warehouse with Tomo and Nate. It was pretty fun, but I was very sick and realized about halfway in that I should have asked Felipe if he wanted to take my ticket and have Jord drive me home. I ate so many cough drops that I made myself sick to my stomach too which was not good. Plus, there's a smoke machine there and for some reason I'm very sensitive to smells so that made it worse. Whatever though, it was fun and I do like the Spill Canvas so it was good!

And then I stayed home today!!! Nothing too exciting, huh? I'm pretty choked I missed math though. I have a feeling this will not bode well for me. I'll have to find someone to ask for notes. I have exactly 0.00 friends in that class and the same amount of people that I talk to. So whatever I guess, I'll figure something out!

Ooh, one exciting thing that I had forgotten about!!! Jennifer and I went out to the Den for lunch on Friday and we both ordered hamburgers (which were very good, but I'd probably order something different the next time, this also made my tummy upset)... anyways, it was taking a long time and so Jennifer asked how long the waitress thought it would be (not awkwardly, really normal...I would feel awkward asking, but it was good).... and so the waitress apologized profusely and so her manager brought out our lunches and said it was on her! It was very sweet and unnecessary! But a nice treat for sure!!!

Today, Nicole came to be tutored and she got hit by a car outside her school last week! That's so brutal and scary!! I hope she gets better soon! She was pretty lucky though, it looks like she only injured her knee (which is definitely bad but much better than many alternatives) and so hopefully she'll get better very quickly!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today me and Nattie are sitting in the elbow room doing work and dicking around, all at the same time. I went into my blogger account to update (right now) because I did not do it last night (my homework from Nattie).... and all of the written stuff is in Chinese characters. Or maybe Japanese. I can't tell the difference. It looks like this --> 粗体 Hmmm. Very very strange. Nattie is updating her blog too, so if you read mine, you should go read hers too!!! :)

Anyways, now for the important stuff. Actually, there's isn't much important stuff. I got a 92 on my race and ethnicity midterm though!!! Hooray! And I am always so upset that my phone doesn't know the word "midterm" so when I type it in a text, it always comes out "niftero".... which isn't a word anyways, as far as I know! Whatever though. It is what it is. I have another niftero this afternoon. It will last 2 hours, which sucks big time and a half. I also hope we get our last quizzes back in math today, because I'm really psyched to know what I got! Today me and Nattie came to school quite early and had bagels and they were very delicious!!! Hooray!!! Hmm. What else? I enjoyed one of my first study dates ever with someone other than Nattie. We have had many study dates, most of which were productive for approximately 10-12 minutes. Perhaps I'm underestimating a little, but I know that we studied for our chem 30 final together for something in the neighbourhood of 30 minutes and then went to the lake. We also studied the ear for bio 30 for approximately 30 minutes and then I'm pretty certain that we went to do something else more fun, but I can't remember what that was to save my life. Also, for our chem 351 final, we did a pretty good job, because we split up the topics and each learned about half of the course and then taught it to each other. But right after that (which probably didn't take more than an hour or so), we walked to the mall for teen burgers. They were delicious though, that's for sure. I suppose it's sort of fate though, and something that we should have noticed then and not later: that neither of us cared about chemistry in the slightest. It was sort of a godsend that we failed that course or else probably neither of us would be doing something we liked. We would still be miserable, taking science courses!!!

Anyways, about my study buddy.... Aliece and I are in the same group for our lifelong learning class and we were also in theory together last year. I really like her a lot and I think we're fairly well matched to study together. Also, I don't know her like I know Nattie and stuff so it's easier to sit and study because I can't think of 1,000,000,000 things we should be doing instead.

On Sunday, after studying with Aliece, my mom and Molly and I went out for lunch and my mom was having a migraine and then she said she was having a stroke. Then she started slurring her words and making bizarre sentences and she didn't remember who Dwight from the office was! Also, her mouth went numb and stuff. It was real weird and scary but she wouldn't let us take her to the hospital. So she ate something and she felt better, but it was still weird and scary.

I think that's all that is new! I get to start being trained in the booth at work this Thursday and that's very exciting because segway is SOOOOOO boring!!!! So I'm glad!!! :) <-- (me)


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I want to go home!

Today I very very much want to just go home and hang out with my family!!! Molly just had her boobies sucked out so she's sitting at home and recovering and my mom got laid off, and my dad's always home during the day, so I have to be out and about while everyone else gets to hang out at home!!! I'm soooooo jealous!!!

Anyways, on a happier note... yesterday I went to buy a bottle of Aquafina (yuck, but I had no other choice)... and I put my toonster in the vending machine and pressed the water button and when I looked down there were 2 bottles there!!!! Hooray!!! It was very very exciting! At least until Nattie reminded me of a couple weeks ago when the vending machine ate my toonster when I was trying to pick up a DP! So I guess I broke even, but it was still exciting yesterday!!!

Oh, and also... I forgot to put my shampoo and conditioner back into my shower basket at school yesterday and it's gone! So I guess I have to buy new shampoo and conditioner, but oh well! I'm a little happy because now I get new shampoo and conditioner! The old stuff never made my hair feel really clean! So whatever. It just kind of sucked today because I used shower gel in my hair and now it feels pretty darn icky!!! Anyways, I'm kind of excited that I get new stuff!!!

I don't think I have much else to say today! It is my mommy's birthday, and she's turning 50 so I guess that's kind of exciting!!! Especially cause I think they might be ordering dinner tonight, and that's always a good time!!!! I have to go soon, so I can go to class, so I suppose I should do that now. It was fun wasting time today though, instead of doing homework on my break!

I felt really bad yesterday because we had (my group for my class) agreed to all find an article so we could narrow down our topic, and I hadn't done it yet yesterday in class so I felt like a real jerk, but I feel much much better today because I found a bunch and emailed the links to everyone else! Hooray for catching up!!!

Anyways, I'm actually outta here this time, the lab is getting sort of full, and I don't need a puter! Plus I have to go to the bathroom before I go to class!!! Too much information? Oops!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Philosophical thoughts during monopoly time....

So, Jordan and I got the newest "Here and Now" version of monopoly, which has Canadian spaces (mostly ontario, of course, but including the Calgary Stampede!!!!), "new age"-type playing pieces (a segway!, a cell phone, flat screen tv...), and CREDIT CARDS! instead of cash! Anyways, as fun as the little credit card machine is, it's a very busy job being the banker!!! Because you have to take 2 cards everytime there is a transaction and it just takes up all your playing time! Anyways, I was thinking about how true to life that is! We think that by using credit (and debit) cards (in life, but I thought this about monopoly) we will eliminate the hassle that we get with cash, but the "easy way" takes X amount more work than using cash does! Sure, in life there are other benefits to using plastic over cash, but I just thought it was interesting and indicative of how life really works. I know it's lame... who thinks about real life and stuff while they're playing monopoly? Still though, I enjoyed it. And thanksgiving was very good! I had turkey on Sunday and steak at Jordan's house tonight! On a scarier note, there was a shooting up the hill from me today (apparently, I was in woodbine at the time), and one of the guys involved went to beaverbrook and RT with us.... so that's weird and scary and such. Anyways, I gotta go, it's VERY late (almost midnight) and I have to leave in 6.5 hours with Nattie!!!! Hooray!!!!


Monday, October 1, 2007


The weekend was fairly uneventful but lovely. I spent it with Jord and even though I spent almost all of it doing (listening to/unwillingly participating in) football and Halo 3 stuff it was still super fun to hang out with Jord and Tomo and Justin and Adam.... And then we went to Fev and Steve's for dinner (Steve actually was at work), and it was really fun! We ate Pang Pang (chinese food) and Jord took some allergy stuff so he was Claritin clear of allergies to Fev's doggie, Philip!!! It was fun though, and we tried out Fev's hot tub and it was really nice! Their house is SOOOOO nice!!! And the whole weekend made me want to move out so bad! Granted, most do! Oh, also, when I was at work on... Saturday, I think.... I saw an ad in fast forward about wanting a female vocalist for a band. I thought about calling. I can't get it out of my mind actually. It happens though. I guess there's no pressure about a phone conversation. I don't know. Who has time for that sort of thing. And, with my luck, even if I called and the guy said sure and I was good enough, they're probably all in, like, the NE or something totally unaccessable to me. Anyways, not important... SNL was super good on Saturday! It gives me much hope for the future!!!!

It's great. There were lots of good ones though. During weekend update, Keenan Thompson (sp?) was supposed to be OJ and he said "What happens in Vegas, you must acquit!" It was really really funny!!!!

Anyways, I don't have any good rantings today (as usual), but Nattie wanted to have somethign to read, so I figured that since I'm here I might as well. Ooh, Iron Chef America is starting RIGHT NOW!!!

Gosh I want to move out. I wish I could afford rent ANYWHERE! Ha ha, anywhere in Calgary I mean. But not in the NE. Well, I'd probably live in the NE actually.