Monday, May 28, 2007

I extra super duper love Jordan today. I don't know why, but this is the case today. Sorry to be gross people. Anyways. I should stop being illegal at work, I just had to say it to the world (or the few people who read this ;))

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Internet cafe date

I'm back at that internet cafe I used to wait for James at. It's very very close to Wanda, Marnie and Steve's house, so it's easy to walk to. I was fortunate enough today that my daddy picked us up from work and dropped me off here, so I had time to go to Subway and come here! it's very exciting!!!! Tonight me and Nattie are going to The Killers! I'm so excited! We will have lots of fun!

Unfortunately, my back is quite sore today! I'm not sure what I did to it, but I think I'll stay away from the elliptical at work. It's strangely set up, maybe I'm too short for it or something. In any case, it was a boring day. I wish I had something interesting to say, because I love reading other people's blogs and stuff but I don't update mine very much! I'm going to try and update more, but it's tough when I've got nothing to say really! I'm sure I'll have more to say tomorrow.

I'm still so happy James is home. Yesterday we talked to each other just before we went to sleep and said goodnight, which I really missed. I'm just so happy he's back. And I'm also SO EXCITED because Josh Groban is going to be at the Saddledome on August 15 and I already bought tickets!!!! Me and James and James's parents are going together and it will be ridiculously awesome!!!!!!!!! I'm just way too pumped for it!

I'm really not in the mood for tutoring today, i'm not sure why. It always amazes me, cause I LOVE tutoring, I just often don't feel up to it. Probably just cause I want to get to the show and stuff. It should be fun though. It's only an hour anyways and Wanda told me that Marnie got the highest mark in her class on a math test last week! I'm so proud of her!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fiji water and Nattie

I just had to post a picture of my beloved Fiji water!!! Hooray!

And, uh, hello Nattie, time to update our blog is it? Well, diaryland! Or switch to blogger where you can always update even if 2 other people are also updating!!! <3

May Long 2007!

So I went to Kamloops-ish to meet James and other friends of his for a fun cabin weekend! It was really fun, Chris drove up and his backseat is really comfy and I slept some of the way. Plus it was fun to drive up with him and Felipe and Giuliana! We played MASH and love calculator and soulmate for a little while (I later realized I was pseudo-cheating on Nattie by doing this almost, because we always play that together, but I'm going to be honest, it's always MUCH funner with NAttie!). The drive up wasn't actually too bad. I'm impressed we only stopped twice, and it was only to pee and get gas once. I bought a bottle of Fiji water (my FAVOURITE) but we didn't eat anything on the way! And we had a really fun weekend together, the six of us (Nate and Jord were there too of course). We did some drinking, some boating, some sitting around doing nothing/playing guitar hero, played some mini golf, ate so many hotdogs I could burst and did lots of sleeping! We were sort of lame and all went to bed pretty early every night!!!! And then when we got home yesterday me and James went to his house for a while and then went out with Tomo for a super delicious dinner where his brother was our friendly and prompt waiter!!! Oh yeah, it was my first experience at Open Sesame and it was so delicious! I will for sure be going back sometime! We all ordered this chicken katsu thing from the menu, but I'd also like to try their buffet-ish thing sometime where you pick out your stuff and they cook it up for you! It was delicious anyways, and much fun to see Tomo!!! Then me and James came back here and did nothing again! It was pretty fun! We watched the Bachelor (and Tessa won, which I so knew was going to happen)! I had bought a bunch of groceries yesterday in plans to make brunch but James went to help Steve build his deck instead, so we just went out to Subway. All in all it was a fun weekend! And my parents got home a few hours ago which was cool too! I really wish I could cancel my lesson tonight but I just can't do it, seeing as I cancelled 2 this month already. Anyways, it was a lovely weekend and it's so very nice to have James home! I really missed talking to him before bed, which we usually do, call to say goodnight or whatever, and I'm excited for that today!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

At work.

Boo for being at work! I had a really nice weekend though, so it happens I guess! Me and Nattie and Matt all had dinner on Friday night and then we went to Loose Moose and we almost didn't know how to get there, but Matt took us to a wrong place pretty close to it and then Nattie finished the puzzle! And then on Saturday we all went to Matt's army wrap-up thing for the year and that was pretty cool. It was definitely fun to go see Matt at work and meet a few of his friends, plus I've never seen the army base before so it was definitely really interesting too. It was kind of a strange feeling though, to imagine what has happened in that building, or others like it. For some reason, watching all the kiddies running around reminded me of the videos on TV of soldiers leaving to go overseas and their families saying goodbye to them. That always makes me sad and it made me a little sad standing there thinking about it. It was still a great time though, cause it was definitely a happy thing! And then we went in to this training room thing where they have different guns and stuff and Matt tried to show us how to shoot these guns but they were too heavy, but Nattie was pretty good at it! And then we tried out the rocket launcher and we both lit a virtual tank on fire. It was pretty cool. Matt's really good at shooting though, it was cool to watch him and his army friends shooting. In any case, though it made me sad to think about people leaving to go overseas I also thought about how much they have to sacrifice and although I'm a tree-hugging, liberal-minded green party supporter, and I wish there was no war, I am also amazed at the bravery and intense sacrifice it takes for people to leave their homes and families to help people like me, so it was a cool experience and it made me have a lot more awareness and stuff for the fact that we do, in fact, have an army. Which is weird, cause MAtt works for the army lots, but I guess I just never thought about it. I did think it was a little weird for them to be showing their kids how to shoot guns, but that's certainly other people's decisions, not mine! And then mothers day was fun. We had brunch and Moll and I bought my mom a hammock and it's real comfy, so that's cool. And last night was the bittersweet end of Survivor. It was disappointing though, only because I thought Dreamz would keep his word and give his immunity to Yau-Man. I was disappointed by the PEOPLE (Dreamz, Cassandra, Earl), not the show! Survivor:China........ coming this fall!!!!!!!! Woo hooo!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

My blogger was down yesterday and I can't remember what I said my title was! :)

So, this year at school really sucked! It definitely had its moments outside of school time that were really great, but the school part was really not good. I definitely did not adjust well to the U of C and I really regret that I didn't try harder to do so. Even talking to some people in a couple of classes probably would have helped, because feeling alone was the biggest trouble for sure. REally though, that's not what I've been thinking about. I've been thinking about the way I worked. And that's really that I didn't. I sure did more work than I've ever done before, particularly in my theory classes, because those were so awesome. I just need to learn to transfer the type of work ethic that I started in those classes and generalize them to all of my classes. I'm not sure how, but this summer I'd like to prepare myself to be able to do that. The last couple of days I've really been thinking about how I obviously need to change my life. It just isn't worth slacking off and flunking out of school for nothing. I think me and Nattie (I know I shouldn't speak for her, and I'm probably wrong, so keep that in mind) have tried to keep up our highschool habits (definitely me at least 1000 times more than her, probably not her at all, she always did her homework, I almost never did), so MY highschool habits and I haven't started working. At least not like I should. So, next year I'm just going to have to try harder. It started out well at the beginning of the winter semester, I was taking it one day at a time and doing my math homework, and the thing that kills me is that once I start doing it, I totally love it! I love math and I love reading social theory and trying to get meaning from it and trying to navigate it, I can just never get going! To be perfectly honest, I'd sit in my theory class like a pig in mud I was so happy! I would sit there and think, "this is what I'm meant to do with my life", but I'll never get there if I don't stop being so damn lazy! So next semester I'll just have to try again! I think I'm going to change my basement sewing room around and get a table from Ikea and paint and put down a rug and I can do my work there. HAving somewhere to work/tutor will definitely help, because when I'm at work I always want to be doing schoolwork, so that will help. And other than that, I'll just have to pull motivation out as much as I can. So, I hope Jordan will help me out and do work with me sometimes, and I know Nattie already does work, so I will just have to follow her lead! Hopefully I can do this this time, or else I will honestly just have to take some time off because I cannot afford to bomb another school year! So wish me luck fellas!!!
On another note, there's something very wrong with my arm! It's really weak and it hurts a lot! They really screwed up royally with my IV and I've got really horrible bruises on my hand and on my arm (they obviously tried to put the IV in my hand first and it didn't work and then did an equally bad job on my arm). It's not good, I hope it's better tomorrow!!!!