Thursday, October 30, 2008

Did you know....

That women AND men are from earth?

Seems like a pretty crazy realization, right? No, I know it isn't. Me and Nattie read that in a textbook today and both almost lost our s*^# right there in class! It was so funny.

I really don't have much to post about! Tomorrow is halloween and I'm pretty excited, especially for work because me and Amanda get to do the fun things in centre court together! It will be very fun!

What else, what else? I went to talk to Dr. Wong today and he said that it would NOT be a waste of time to apply to grad school and that he would write a reference letter on my behalf when it's time! I'll have to see though, I may have to retake SOCI 313, 331 and 333 to improve my marks (those are research methods and 2 theory courses). I'd definitely be willing to retake them too! I'll have to see though.

I'm so thirsty I feel like I could drink a whole river. Maybe I should work on that! I think that's about it though! Happy halloween everyone!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot"

I heard on the radio the other day that the City of Calgary bought out the Cecil Hotel and is going to make a parkade out of it. It either made me think of the song including the title line or they played it, but that song has been stuck in my head for like 2 days already! I do get a good chuckle out of it though, because the Cecil Hotel is NOT paradise. I still get a good laugh out of it.

Today I was volunteering at the WRC annual awards and fair trade show. It was really fun but I ate something that didn't agree with me and I thought I was going to throw up so I had to leave! I'm home now and I feel mostly better, which is good. I still feel a little sleepy and stuff, but it's probably just because I WAS sick. That can really take it all out of you, which is kind of silly!

The Calgary Sexual Health Centre is starting a new program in November or something like that so they'll be hiring! I'll have to make a trip down there to drop off a resume, this is NOT one that I want to email. I would SO love to work there! So far in my life I've met 3 women who work there and I find all three of them so charming and interesting! I bet it would be the absolute coolest job/place to work!

Ummm, about what else was I planning on posting?!?!?!

I had a race relations talk with my dad just now. He asked me, as a sociologist (HA!) what I make of it when black people say "aks" instead of "ask". I honestly don't know what I think of stuff like that, but I'd like to figure out what I think of it. I'd like to know what the big deal is though. So what if someone says "aks" instead of "ask"? We all know what that person means, right? Maybe we should worry about bigger issues. Whatever though. I dunno.

Oh yeah, the other thing I wanted to share that I learned at school was how thankful I am that I live in Canada! In the US, where people with their limbs falling off get turned away from hospitals because their insurance isn't that particular HMO or whatever; they spend 15% of their Gross Domestic Product on health care (by they I mean the federal government). In Canada, we spend 10% of our GDP on universal public health care. I know that we sometimes complain that we wait in lines too long or that there's a shortage of family doctors and all other kinds of things. Nobody is saying that nothing can be improved, because of course we could always improve our healthcare system, but I am just so thankful! My prof also said that 16% of Americans have NO medical coverage, including something nuts like 9.4 million children. That makes me so sad. If those people have a heart attack or learn they have cancer they will go bankrupt or die, those are their choices. It's so scary. I was watching TV a little while ago and I saw a commercial for Cancer Treatment Centres of America. While I appreciate that they can probably provide the absolute top care available in the world, I was just sitting there imagining what it would be like to be watching that commercial and hearing about how amazing the care is at these places and not being able to access the best care for my hypothetical cancer. It broke my heart. You just gotta feel bad for those people. I sure hope that Obama can bring in universal health care. Oh yeah, I think I heard on the TV or something that a decent health care plan costs about $8000 (per year, I would imagine). OUTRAGEOUS! I'm happy to pay taxes for mine!

Dat Phan is coming here! I'm so excited! I just called the Comedy Cave back to finally buy the tickets I've been trying to buy for a few days! The guy keeps saying he's driving when I call! It's very strange! Anyways, I'm really excited! Me and Nattie will have so much fun!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Me too.



Thursday, October 16, 2008

Too long!

I just realized that it has been a WHILE since I updated this baby! I really don't have all that much to say though!

I'm so excited for Survivor and hopefully ANTM catch-up tonight!

I honestly don't have anything else to say! Me and another girl named Nadine made a poster for the WRC's booth for Women's History Month though!

That's mostly what it looks like, but they changed it around just a little bit. It was printed on this huge paper though, like a real poster! I'm actually really proud of it, because we both wrote the captions and I made what you see by basically copying and pasting stuff to Microsoft Publisher! It was my first time using that program and I actually really enjoyed it! It was fun to be creative without having to draw, because I SUCK at drawing!!!

On the Jordan front, we had our little meeting on Tuesday and decided to just stay friends, which is fine by me. We'll just see where it leads us, though that will most likely be exactly nowhere else.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An eventful weekend....

As I'm sure everyone who reads this already knows, me and Jord broke up on Sunday. Yes, this sucks, but I feel so much better already. There's definitely some tough things to look at and stuff still, but I have a vague idea of how this works. Plus, I think we're both pretty committed to staying friends, so this is a good good thing.

On a happier note, I'm enjoying the Biggest Loser right now! Hooray! I really have started to LOVE this show, which is so exciting! It's actually pretty inspiring for sure! Even though I shed a good buck-thirty on the weekend (ha ha), I wouldn't mind getting rid of the spare 25 pounds or so that I've got here. Anyways, I was sick for a good week and today and yesterday I just didn't feel like going to Golds, but I'm psyched to get my butt back there! I think one thing I should do in order to ensure that I go more often is to bite the bullet and buy a car. I would really like to keep on relying on public transit, and even with a car, I'd still do it as much as I could, but I oughta save up some cash and just get a car.

Otherwise, school is going pretty good! The volunteer training thing has gone really well! I really like all the ladies I've met there so far and even though my team lead's emailing skills are not as speedy as some might like, I really enjoy both of them!

But anyways, I feel so blessed for all of my wonderful friends and all their messages by phone and email and mostly facebook and blogger. I wish I could send as much love back to each and every one of them that I feel right now but I just can't track everyone down. I am just oh so lucky!