Thursday, September 25, 2008

Swimming to the Other Side

We are living 'neath the great Big Dipper
We are washed by the very same rain
We are swimming in the stream together
Some in power and some in pain
We can worship this ground we walk on
Cherishing the beings that we live beside
Loving spirits will live forever
We're all swimming to the other side

I am alone, and I am searching
Hungering for answers in my time
I am balanced at the brink of wisdom
I'm impatient to receive a sign
I move forward with my senses open
Imperfection, it be my crime
In humility I will listen
We're all swimming to the other side


On this journey through thoughts and feelings
Binding intuition, my head, my heart
I am gathering the tools together
I'm preparing to do my part
All of those who have come before me
Band together and be my guide
Loving lessons that I will follow
We're all swimming to the other side


When we get there we'll discover
All of the gifts we've been given to share
Have been with us since life's beginning
And we never noticed they were there
We can balance at the brink of wisdom
Never recognizing that we've arrived
Loving spirits will live together
We're all swimming to the other side

My women's studies professor was playing this song (by Pat Humphries) at the beginning of class the other day and I liked it so much I downloaded the entire album off iTunes. It's a really pretty song but it's really folky so those of you who dislike folk wouldn't like it, but it's pretty true I guess. Anyways, I just really liked it and thought I'd share!

Otherwise, life is pretty good! I'm sick, but what else is new? It's probably because of touching the train, ha ha, yes Nattie? There's an election coming up and I may or may not be voting green! But I just found out that I CAN vote green, which is exciting!!! Now I just have to decide!!! I think maybe Alex and I will look into it soon! It'll either be NDP or Green though, that's for sho! :)

The exciting-est news is that you are reading the blog for the newest volunteer at the U of C's Women's Resource Centre! I have training next week and then I'm probably going to help with their Beyond the Sheets program! I actually WANTED to volunteer at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre after my Human Sexuality course but now I can sort of do both! I'm always amazed in Women's Studies when she talks about being part of social change movements and stuff and I think I want that, so here's my first shot!

Anyways, I have to do some quick research about media and elections, so I think I'll cut this one short (I also don't really have anything else to say right now)....


Thursday, September 11, 2008

99 days, 3 hours, and 50 minutes....

until my degree is over for good. This is crazy crazy crazy to me! 99 days left! I knew I would miss this as soon as it was over and right now I'm trying my best to savour the last few months of it as best I can but it sure is difficult. This may also be my most labour-intensive semester ever. He outlined our assignments for Canadian Studies today and it looks like a LOT of work (the OUTLINE for one is 16 pages long). Anyways, I was just thinking about how I am always challenged at school, and I sure will miss that. Maybe I'll miss it so much that I come back, I'm not sure, but I definitely will miss it. The work really is worth it, especially when you feel like you've really learned something about life by accident. So, I'm going to try my best to keep on top of things, which I've been doing a much better job of lately, and try my very best to get 3 As this semester, even though I don't think it will happen. I really have to go get some work done, but I just wanted to say how I am always challenged here.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I wanted to update my facebook status with this but didn't want to put it up because I didn't want anyone to be grossed out! So, if you have a super weak stomach, DO NOT READ ON!

The thing I love is Big Brother. There's nothing gross about that.

The thing I HATE is puking! Ew, gross, I know! But I felt I just had to share this with the world! Thank God for my job, but I was STARVING yesterday (Saturday) when I got to work so I went to Cafe Supreme and figured I'd better get a lunch-ey thing because it was noon and I knew I'd be hungry otherwise, so I got my very favourite (not anymore) thing from there, the Chicken Avocado wrap. I KNOW that there's a little cheese in it but I've eaten many of them and it's never bothered me before, so I figured why not! I'll tell you why not. It will make me sick for sho. I spent like an hour sitting in the back and walking to and from the washrooms and I ended up buying alka seltzer from Shoppers and it made me throw up. In the back of the booth. In the garbage can. Luckily at least half of the people there have thrown up in the garbage can at work, but I was the one to christen the new booth. Anyways, I still felt really bad because I had wasted so much time but I felt 100% better once I was done. Sorry to gross you out.

My OTHER puking story is that tonight Jordan must have forgotten that milk is no good for me. To be fair, I've only thrown up due to milk once before this weekend, so it's not as if this all could have easily been predicted, but still. Anyways.... he was dishing out dessert and gave me this HUGE piece of something with so much whipped cream I can't even explain and he said "it'll be OK if you just scrape it off, right?" and I was sitting right in front of his mom and so I felt embarrassed to say no (another bad idea). Anyways, so I just snacked on the raspberries and did my best job of scraping off the whipped cream. This did not work as I totally tossed my cookies on the way home at the lights on 22X in the turning lane for McKenzie Lake Blvd. I hope none of you have to come across it. Oh yeah, and all over Jord's car.

Anyways, it was awful. I really should have more interesting and less gross things to post about, but right now all I can think of how starving I am, due to no longer having eaten anything.

If this is too gross, I sincerely apologize and hope that you all had excellent weekends which included much less puking than mine.