Monday, July 30, 2007

Wonderful Wonderful Weekend

I can NOT stop smiling! It's sooo embarassing! I just had the most magical weekend! Friday was fun, my pops took me and Nattie to a baseball game and it was approximately 17 billion times more fun than I expected! Then, on Saturday, I hung around at home for the morning and then James came to pick me up for lunch and we went out to banzai (which I really don't like that much anymore, I'm sorry to say) but it was OK... then Jordan's coach and his son hosted a soccer windup party in honour of last indoor season! It was soooo much fun and I got to hang out with Jackie (Jacqui? mmmm. not sure) and Angela and I met Claire, which was exciting, cause I've seen her a lot, but never introduced myself or anything.... and the guys, of course, on Jordan's soccer team, and BD's mom was there too!!! Anyways, I got pretty darn hammered and started singin away with Nate and Skuce (which is always fun)... but usually, when I'm less drunk than I was that night (which is every time) I'm usually more reserved and I stay much quieter, but Saturday was a different story... I was BELTING it out (which I'm sure was plenty embarassing, at least I thought so) but Jackie and Skuce and Felipe and Nate said I had a pretty voice and they basically kept on saying it over and over and over again. It's so silly, because people have told me that before, but I think it means more coming from people who have no obligation to me... my parents and Nattie and Jordy will of course tell me I sound good, but for some reason it seems realer coming from people that I don't know that well. I know that's the stupidest thing ever, because it of course MEANS more to have people I know/love the most in the world tell me stuff like that, but I know what it's like not wanting someone to fall or thinking they're awesome anyways and seeing something through rose coloured glasses or something.... I dunno, it was just so nice and fulfilling and I wish it could be my life to sing in front of people (and I wish I could be braver at it) but that's all a totally different story. In any case.... I'm still smiling about it... ha ha, and me and Skuce and Nate are going to start a band (I wish). But even though I'm fairly serious about wanting to do that, I don't know how much more than a drunken "that would be awesome" thing it was. I feel like I could conquer the world right now though, but I know I should know better. I just would like to bask in that feeling a little longer, and that's exactly what I plan to do... although Libby will be here soon, and goodness knows she'll recheck something that I already checked or something, and that should remind me that I can't do anything right... ha ha... I don't think even she could bring me down today.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Me and Jordan and Nattie and Matt all went to Edmonton last weekend to go to the waterpark and it was soooooooooooooo much fun!!!!!! We went to the waterpark on Saturday at about 10, we left home at 6:30 and got gas and donuts for the road! We had a bit of a competition with this jerk in a minivan who was driving like an idiot and kept speeding ahead of us and then slowing down. It was silly....anyways, so we went to the waterpark and had tons of fun then we went back to our beautiful hotel room at the fantasyland hotel!!!!!!!! And we had planned to go out somewhere and drink a little, but we were gonna do some predrinking first, but the predrinking was a drinking game and jordan drank way too much and then we went to a movie and he got sick in the bathroom and i had to take him home like a baby (tee hee, sorry hun).... anyways, then on sunday we woke up and got breakfast and did a little shopping and went home!!!!!!!!!! we wanted to stop in red deer and grab some mcdicks but they were closed due to a staff shortage and then we had to go to innisfail and the service and food was pretty bad there. Anyways, then we drove home and watched big brother! It was a really fun and relaxing weekend!!!!!!!! If we get itchin for another waterpark vacation later this summer we might hit sylvan lake, which would also be wicked fun!!!!!!!! Anyways, I'm at work and I have to go soon to catch our ride with Nattie's mom!!! Hooray for driving instead of taking the bus!!!!!!! Anyways, I can't wait for big brother and iron chef tonight! Oh shoot! Except that they're on at the same time! BOO!!! Hmmm. Anyways, FUN WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I WANT this now.... why couldn't I have decided sooner...... yes, I did do this on facebook too....

Friday, July 6, 2007

Drumheller 2007!

Last Saturday, June 30, Natalie, Matt, and I took a trip out to Drumheller! It was really really fun and I was amazed by the scenery on the way (I didn't know Drumheller was a valley) and it was just so different than Calgary, it was like being in a different country or something! It was just so cool! I wish I could post ALL my pictures, but I just don't have that kind of time, so I'll post 1 picture from each time period that I took.... they have this thing where you walk through a pathway that goes from the beginning of time until now (for the most part). It's way cool!!!

The biggest dinosaur in the world! You can walk up stairs to get to the mouth and look out, but we didn't....

This was a real, live, soft-shelled turtle! I L-O-V-E turtles!!!

Matt likes to hunt, so I took a picture of him in front of some primitive hunting tools (or primitive Matt tools, as I called them...)

There was no human display, so Matt and Nattie made one for me! Nattie is being a philosopher and I think Matt is being a hunter/gatherer type. He looks a little angry anyways....

I know this is kind of lame-ish, but it's how they end the museum, so I figured, what the heck!

Anyways, it was a really fun trip and we missed Jordan, but stuff happens I guess! He had fun at Fall Out Boy too, so it worked out! After Drumheller, we went to the football game and saw awesome fireworks and then to The Kilkenny and then we all slept over at Matt's house! And then on Sunday, we went to the lake and then tried to see the fireworks, but I met Jordan and so we missed most of them. What we saw was still cool though! It was an awesome weekend! And I hope for another awesome weekend this weekend! We're going to see Transformers tonight (I have to go pick up our tickets soon) and so hopefully it'll be a great weekend! I spent today at the lake and now I might go back even though I already showered, but I think I might go back, I haven't really decided yet.... Anyways.... I hope everyone else has as awesome a weekend as I did last week!!! I hope whoever reads this enjoys the pictures!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

stolen from Nattie's!

are you available?: mmm. No.
what is your age?: 20
what annoys you?: People who spell badly.

do you live in a big house?: no, unfortunately not.
when is your birthday?: August 6 :)
who is your best friend(s)?: Nattie!

what's your favorite candy?: peach penguins (panguins).
who's your crush?: Jordan :)
when was the last time you cried?: I dunno... on the weekend I guess

do you daydream?: A lot at work...
do you like dogs?: yeah, mostly when they're not mine.
what day of the week is it?: Wednesday, i'm pretty sure

how do you like you eggs?: just about any way at all. scrambled, basted, boiled...
have you ever been in the emergency room?: Once or twice
do you have both your ears pierced?: yes,

have you ever flown in a plane: Yes
do you use fly swatters?: Nope
have you ever used a foghorn?: no....(LANDLOCKED)

do you chew gum?: Yes I do.
are you a giver or a taker?: Nattie's totally right, this question is gay
do you like gummy candies?: yup, but mostly with slurpees

how are you?: hot....
what color is your hair?: Brown
do you live in a house?: Yes

what's your favorite ice cream?: chocolate and moose tracks
do you play an instrument?: poorly, yes, piano, guitar, etc
have you ever listened to a song by Incubus?: yeah, but I probably couldn't name one right now...

what's your favorite jelly bean?: root beer jellybelly. or other jelly bellys.
do you wear jewelry?: no. unless you consider my hair elastic that I loop around my finger jewelery.
what kind of jelly do you like?: Grape

who do you want to kill?: mmmm nobody.
do you want kids?: maybe
where did you go for kindergarten?: school house in bragg creek.

are you laid back?: I would like to say yes, but I'm probably a bad person to ask.
when was the last time you said love?: a while ago
is the lion the king of beasts?: false. unicorns are. i don't freaking know!

do you still watch Disney movies?: definitely.
do you like mangoes?: very much so!
do you ride motorcycles?: definitely no.

do you have a nickname?: Lou is the only one that ever really stuck.
whats your favorite number?: I don't really have one, but I use 5 for all my passwords...
do you prefer night over day?: sometimes

whats your one wish?: mmmm... to be happy and loved, I guess.... and to get to wake up in the morning and go to a job I love everyday.
are you an only child?: No.
do you like the ocean?: love it!

whats one fear are you most paranoid about?: Being unhappy.
what are your pet peeves?: my boss, today....otherwise, I don't really have specifics, I don't think. When people say the word "guesstimate", actually. I really hate that!
whats a personality trait you look for in people?: mmmm, funnie mostly....I don't know!

whats your favorite quote?: Dude, I hope that guy has asteroid insurance, cause he is boned (or something like that, from Transformers)
ever had your oil changed at the quick stop?: wtf is the quick stop? (no)

do you think you're always right?: i don't think so
you watch reality tv?: yes i do!
are you one to cry? si.

do you prefer sun or rain?: i really can't pick. maybe rain, I guess.
do you like snow?: not in particular.
what's your favorite season?: Summer:)

what time is it?: 9:31 PM
what time did you wake up?: about 6 this morning.
when was the last time you slept in a tent?: Me and James camped out in my backyard about a month ago, I think.

are you wearing underwear?: uh, yeah!
underwear or boxers?: girl undies.
what's under your bed?: lots of stuff. I cleaned my room today but not under my bed.

whats the worst veggie?: cooked vegetables, well, some anyways....
where do you want to go on vacation?: I just need ANY vacation!
have you ever been to venice?: I wish....

what's your worst habit?: picking/biting hangnails.
where do you live?: Calgary
do you smoke weed?: Nope

have you ever had an x-ray?: a few.
can you play a xylophone?: maybe?....
have you ever watched something x-rated? once.

do you like the color yellow?: yes I do!
whats one thing you yearn for?: a vacation.... gosh, pay attention!
have you ever used yarn for anything?: yes I have! I've been knitting my mom a scarf for like 2 years with yarn!

whats your zodiac sign?: Leo
do you believe in the zodiac?: Definitely not! I'm nothing like a Leo is "supposed" to be!
favorite zoo animal?: hippopotamuses!!!!

Heat Wave 2007

Oh my goodness... I had an AMAZING long weekend, by the way, but will wait to write about that until I get home (I'm on my lunch break at work) and I can upload my Drumheller pictures!!! Anyways, the point of today's post.... the air conditioning broke in our building on Friday and is STILL BROKEN.... it's supposed to get to 29 degrees today, I think, or 27 maybe.... (my arm was just stuck to the desk from sweating).... it's 25 right now, but in any case... have you ever been on the 9th floor of an office building that has been without air conditioning for the entire hottest 5 days so far this year? MAN!!!! I just keep thinking about the air conditioning song that Klaila and I wrote when we went to Minnesota.... which was FUN times, by the way.... and I think this compares to sitting in the back of that van. Maybe not quite as bad because we have blinds here, but still. It is INTENSE HEAT! I won't be here tomorrow, but I'll be getting my yearly dose of heat stroke at Warped Tour.... But it's supposed to be 31 tomorrow. So I'll be dying at Warped and my mom and our coworkers will be dying here, so I think that's fair, yes? ugh.

Anyways, allow me to share the email that one of the HR ladies sent today...

"There are popsicles and ice cream bars in all the fridges so please help yourself.

We have positioned a number of fans around the 9th and 10th floors to try to help with air circulation.

It is also advisable to keep yourself as hydrated as possible so drink lots of water."

The drinking lots of water part is what tipped me off to, WE SHOULD GO HOME! My mom said she might go home if it got way too hot, so we'll see.... anyways, I'm eating my popsicle in my office and it's fairly satisfying and cooling me down a fair bit. If I finish this baby off and get hot though, I'm eating my mom's and if I'm still hot then, I'll probably go to Macs and buy another one or two! I hope this is fixed by Friday, but if it isn't, I don't think I'll come in at all. We don't have to work the morning cause it's a Sherritt tradition to have parade morning off, but I won't come in for that last 3 hours if it's gonna be like this again.

Hope your days are cooler!!!