Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stuff stuff stuff


We got the house for sure! We've paid the down payment and everything, we'll get the keys on March 20 (see ticker at top). It's very very VERY exciting!!!! So we get to move in that Friday and Saturday, which is so so exciting!!!!

Um, otherwise not much is new! Unfortunately, the new food court opening is the Monday following moving weekend which is NOT exciting! We're hoping to find a roommate or two, but we can afford it on our own and we'd like to be able to show a potential roommate the place when we meet them, that would be much easier!

The other exciting thing is that I really don't have to buy anything else big! My mom and I were looking online today at beds and stuff at Sears. I searched for furniture/mattresses and then went to the bedroom section and something caught my eye. It said " 'Lauren' 5-pc bedroom set". And I was like, ha ha, wouldn't that be really funny.... and then I looked at it and LOVED it! So we went down to the Sears Home store and we were going to look around. I saw a bed (only) for the same price as the whole 5 piece bedroom set (bed frame, headboard, mirror, dresser and nightstand) and we also bought a queen sized mattress for it! It was a GREAT deal and I have a super cool bedroom set that I'm so excited for! It's going to be delivered (for free) the day after our possession date when we'll be doing most of our moving!

There aren't a lot of things left to do now, just set up the cable person (it would be nice if they could come Friday night, but we're not picky). And I think that's pretty well it.

Otherwise, I just can't think of what else is going on! I got an interview for a job that I applied for at Ivanhoe Cambridge, but I don't think I'll get it. That's OK though. Hopefully I'll be able to find something good soon!