Wednesday, July 30, 2008

James Lipton

Today I watched almost a full episode of Inside the Actors Studio and I saw exactly Will Ferrell's character of him. He's so accurate and "scrumtrulescent" in that performance, I can't even explain how. He's so funny to watch though, super super pretentious and really interrogative..... I wonder if he ever had therapist training, he reminds me of the therapists on TV and movies! Very funny though, and it made me want to watch Ralph Fiennes (not sure if I spelled that right) movies!

Also, today Alex and Sean actually left, so they're on a plane right now on their way to Europe! Have a safe flight y'all!

I'm very excited to go to Edmonton in a couple of weekends (exciting, yes, and I've been to Edmonton twice already this summer, but this is all good)... it actually IS very exciting because we are going to the waterpark!!!!! HOORAY!

I really don't have much else to say except that waiting at school for my other class to start feels like it takes FOREVER and I always get so hungry! I had a lot of food just now though and so hopefully I won't be hungry later. I have a couple small snacks but if I'm hungry around 5 or so I might hit the food court and feed my craving for Chinese! I think next week I might go to my Safeway mall and go to the library there and get a book or have dinner at the food court or go shopping or whatever!

Anyways, today is much better than Monday (when I thought I might die) and I have a partner for my project who seems really cool, so life is good!

Thank goodness Jordan works so much or else I'd probably be skipping a lot of school!

Oh yeah, and speaking of school, I emailed a draft of my second paper to my history professor and she looked over it and said it was really good and that I said really smart things in class when I decide to speak. It was really happy, and I don't like to brag, but I wanted to say it because it made me so happy! I really like that class a lot, and maybe I could have figured this out on my own, but I could have just as easily have been a history major if that's what someone awesome was teaching, so I'm a little bummed I never took more history classes! Darn science options!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

So long Alex and Sean!


I couldn't really think of a title for a while, but since this is an entry partly about Alex and Sean's way fun going away party the other night, I figured I'd put that in! On Saturday after we went to S's birthday party, we went to the Bull and Finch to say a goodbye to Alex and Sean because they are leaving for Europe on Wednesday! I'm sure they're super psyched and I'm sure they'll have so much fun, so even though I will very much MISS having Alex around at work, I'm quite excited for them anyways!!!

I'm really excited also because we finally figured out a way to go to Edmonton for the waterpark this summer!!! We're all going to take a Monday off and gooooo!!! I'm also excited because we're not going until summer semester is already over so I won't have to worry about all the stuff I should be reading or writing while we're gone!

In fact, on the school front I'm not all that worried right now! I'm way ahead for reading for history, I've got the second book read and an outline started for my paper and for soci I've already found 10 articles that we can use for our presentation!!! Hooray!

I really have nothing else to say! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


How many posts do I have that are titled Edmonton? Probably a bunch! Apparently it's my very favourite vacation spot! On the weekend, Tomo, Jordan and I went to Edmonton to see Motion City Soundtrack and the Spill Canvas! We went to Tomo's parents' house for lunch when we got there, then watched The New Guy and then went to the show! (OK, I just tried to link The New Guy to its site on, but had no luck because I am on Jord's computer and don't know how to copy and paste on a mac!!!) The show was SO good! Motion City Soundtrack and The Spill Canvas are both REALLY good live so it was very very exciting!!! After the show, we went to Tomo's dad's restaurant in St. Albert called Lazia, and it was SO good! Then we went bowling! After that, we slept at Tomo's parents' house and then his dad made us Eggs Benedict for breakfast in the morning, which was also oh so delicious! Then we went to the mall and walked around for a short amount of time and then we saw The Dark Knight! It was soooooo good!

All in all it was a great weekend, I had a lot of fun! Yesterday my mom and I went to the mall and I bought a new swimsuit which was pretty exciting! Apparently my mom (and sort of my) old friend from work last summer has some extra tickets for Hairspray the musical!

Last night me and Jord went to his soccer game and he watched with me because he can't play since he had a tattoo appointment yesterday! It was so much fun! We heckled the ref and the brutal other team! It was just a really good time! I wish he could always watch with me and not play, that was so much fun!!!

Anyways, I really don't have anything else to say and I'm watching What Not to Wear! I was so excited to catch Wipeout and Big Brother with Jordan yesterday, I love those shows!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Apparently the Johns don't know a mechanical fish when they see one"

So I'm watching Wipeout (so excited) and they had this qualifier called "The Dreadmill", which is a giant treadmill that one has to run on for as long as possible while wearing flippers and walking past floatie pool toys on the treadmill. They had one of those obnoxious singing fish on once and the host/commentator guys (or at least one of them) said "oh, a real fish!" or something to that effect and the show put one of those little ticker things on the bottom of the screen that said "apparently the Johns [the host/commentator guys] don't know a mechanical fish when they see one". It was just great. I just love love love this show! The other nice thing is that I couldn't decide whether I wanted to watch Wipeout or Big Brother and then I discover that Big Brother is on RIGHT AFTER Wipeout! Hooray! I love how so many of my posts are about TV!!!

Also, I read almost my whole book today (Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy) because the paper on it is due next Monday! AH! I didn't realize how quick it was coming up until Monday! So I'll have to write the paper on Friday. I would sort of like to start on it tonight but I just don't feel like it! I hope I can do a good (and fast) job of it on Friday! Maybe I'll go to the library!

OH my gosh, this guy just QUIT wipeout!!! OH my gosh!

Anyways, what else, what else... I really think nothing! Jord was too sleepy to drive me home after wings last night so I just slept at his house and then he brought me home this morning, I showered, read for 2 hours or so, had a quick nap (about an hour), ate lunch, read for another couple hours, had another nap, ate dinner, watched a movie with Molly (Penelope, which was pretty dec), finished off my book and now here I am! I've already eaten like 12 snacks though and I feel so sick! Good thing I don't have any more snacks in my bedroom! I also cleaned up my bedroom a little and tossed in a load of laundry, so it really was a pretty productive day! I SHOULD make my lunch for tomorrow tonight, but I guess I could do it tomorrow... eh, I dunno...

I obviously have nothing else to say!


Monday, July 14, 2008


Thank goodness the greatest outdoor show on earth is done for for this year! Work has been so crazy busy and people have been so angry and upset with us, usually based on their own mistakes, so I'm really, really happy it's over! I went to the stampede with some girlies from work and Jord and Nate yesterday and it was definitely fun, but it was weird to look at it and see what all the fuss has been about! A lot of people tried to pick up their tickets too late and I realized exactly how easy it is to just get them at the grounds when that happens! Whatever though, like I said, it's OVER! Hooray! Or, Yeehaw perhaps?

At the stampede we saw some interesting fashion choices which was pretty fun, and far too many stilettos for me to think this world HASN'T gone crazy! Went on a couple rides, walked around the roundup centre, ate some mini donuts, it was pretty fun for sho! And then me and Nate and Jord met this interesting older dude on the train, which was fun fun fun!

And now I'm at school! I only have like 17 minutes til class starts so I should get this show on the road, but apparently I feel really sick to my stomach! boo! Whatever though!

Molly and I watched a movie on the weekend called Breakfast With Scot, and it was so good! I wanted to see it anyways because it has Ed (Tom Kavanagh) in it and I love him, but my APSY professor recommended it and they had it at Blockbuster so we rented it! And it was really, really good! The kid was such a good actor in it too! And it had a really sweet ending!

Anyways, I oughta get my butt to class immediately!


Friday, July 11, 2008


I feel like I've called a thread "Maury" before, which is pretty brutal that I blog about Maury, but whatever....

First, and more importantly though, my phone broke :( which is so brutal! I dropped it for the last time, that's for sho. I wonder if it's still under warranty, that would be cool! But it probably isn't, I'm sure this isn't covered but they'll maybe fix it anyways, I'll have to find out.

I really don't appreciate Maury's best efforts to coin his catch phrase as "Now that's what I'm talking about". I just think he's such an ass. But I sure do like his show sometimes! Think of all the time I waste watching Maury that I could be reading! Oh geez that's bad!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


So today I was on the train, on my way to the university to meet Nattie and I met the most interesting, fantastic train friends! They got on at Victoria Park Stampede station (shock, right?) and they are from the great state of Illinois! I recognized that they had an accent the second they started talking, but I couldn't figure out where it was from. I knew it definitely wasn't Southern and that it wasn't Montana or something right below us, but I figured it was from the middle of the country somewhere. Then they asked me if Earls was a good restaurant and I said yes and they asked if it was very expensive and I said it was maybe a little more expensive than other restaurants like it, but that it was very reasonable. And we talked for a while and I asked them if they were visiting anywhere else while they're here and they said they were going to Banff and Jasper and maybe to Drumheller as well. I said they were both great, great day trips and they asked me questions about the climate and asked when summer starts here (ha ha, not funny) and I told them that it was pretty decent all year and that this is usually our hottest week of the year, blah blah blah. Anyways, I really had fun talking to them, and I didn't even get their names! It was a woman and her husband (whose name was Bob: I know this because it was written on his coat) and their other friend. And they asked me if I was a college student and if I had ever been down to Illinois or the midwest in general and I said no, but I've been to ND and SD and WY and Montana (whose abbreviation I don't know but I probably should). It was just a great time. And then they wished me good luck when I got off the train and I told them to enjoy their visit and stuff. They were just fun fun fun!

The second thing I must post about is that I have a new link on my page! It is to Alex's (my good buddy from work) blog. She is going to Europe soon so it shall tell of her wild adventures! Hooray!


EDIT: I forgot to say that Jord's tattoo appointment went quite well but it was still bandaged up when I saw him so I didn't get to take a peek at it! I saw a little bit of the top and it looked pretty cool, so I'm very happy for him! I still miss his arm but I'm getting used to the tattoo idea really fast!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little to say...

Yo sup. I really don't have all that much to say today, but I wanted to type out a little something while it was still half in my mind. I always think about things I want to blog about later while I'm in class and most of the time I forget it. Which I have today, at least for the most part.

The thing I was thinking about in class (well, actually while I was doing some reading on the train) was what a shame it is that people don't vote. I know, I know, you probably feel like you've heard this from me before, and this is most likely true! I just don't get it though. The reason I was thinking about it was because I'm doing a little reading on the origins of the civil rights movement in the US in the sixties (I'm leading a discussion on this on my birthday in class). And those poor people had to die and be arrested and beaten and fired and evicted and shot in their homes and dragged out of their homes and lynched JUST SO THEY COULD VOTE (well, so they could register to vote), among other things of course. And so many people don't feel like voting is worth the trouble. I just don't get it I guess. I suppose that probably has a lot to do with the fact that so much of politics today is all the same (they'll all screw you or whatever), but I just think that's why you HAVE to vote. Whatever though. I would love to be able to fix that, but I wish I knew how.

Otherwise, let's see here! I do like my history class quite a bit. I'm the only girl in my class (did I say this already, I think so). Today we had our first two discussions and I liked them a lot, it's fun to sit around and talk about stuff. There's this idiot in my class though and today we were talking about Native Americans and the Dawes Act and the reservation system (and so on). Anyways, he said something about how he's surprised the English never put the French on reserves in Quebec, and ha ha, we all got a little laugh (this is Alberta after all) and someone else said that would definitely be the best way to deal with them, blah blah blah. And then the first guy goes, I'd really like to know why they never tried that. I'm like, SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? The first thing that popped into my head out of the laundry list of why that wouldn't work and makes no sense whatsoever was that the French (of the France variety) probably wouldn't like that very much and would probably be super upset about that. Anyways, I couldn't believe he said that, it was just the most ridiculous thing I'd heard in a while! Maybe I'm nuts, maybe it would have worked out that way if the English had decided to go for it, but I thought it was pretty flipping nuts.

Tomorrow is Jord's first tattoo appointment and I know that I've told him a thousand and a half times, but I'm really going to miss his arm. I don't know why I feel sad about it, but I sort of do. Anyways, I'm excited to see it (probably Friday).

Stampede is SOOOO busy at work! It's just crazy, crazy, crazy! The lineups at TicketMaster are just unreal! It's somewhat nice that it's busy because then there's stuff to do and that makes the days go faster at least in some ways, but I will be pretty happy when it's done for!

I really have nothing else to say! Happy summer! Happy Stampede!


Thursday, July 3, 2008


I went golfing with Jord and his parents yesterday and boy was it fun and boy does it hurt today! Pretty much every single muscle in my body is in pain! It was a great time though and I actually hit a couple not too horrible shots! Good gracious can Jordan ever send that thing flying! I swear he should have been a golfer instead! His parents are highly, highly good golfers too! I had a great time though, and hopefully me and Jord can go golfing on some of our Sundays off together this year, like we always say we will.

For the first time in probably five years, me and Nattie will NOT be spending Thursdays together like we usually do! Tonight she'll be able to make it over after class so we can watch Last Comic Standing, but I'm sure there's no guarantees for the rest of the summer! The first three weeks she has class from 6 til 9 and the last three weeks of summer semester I have class from 6 til 9! So it will NOT be business as usual on Thursdays!

I can't really think if there's anything else to write about! The only funny thing I have to share is this link that I came across today thanks to the Zboard. It's about people putting in write-in votes for George W. Bush. Goodness gracious I hope they do in order to hopefully split the Republican vote a little bit! Go Obama!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The One-hundredth!

This is my one-hundredth post!!! I really don't have a lot of important things to blog about, but my last two were kind of depressing so I wanted to break the cycle! And what better way to do that than to write a one-hundredth post!

The first thing to be excited about is that spring semester is done! I wrote my Italian final yesterday and did the oral part of it on Thursday, so it's all done! So now I'm enjoying my semester break. And by that I mean the one day off that I get! Whatever though!

Secondly, Sandy put up the schedule yesterday for the rest of the summer (until August 30) and she gave me quite a few shifts! I'm very excited about that because I will get to make some CASH! That also means that I don't think I'll be able to make it for my great uncle's granddaughter's bat mitzvah. I think that makes her my third cousin or something, but I won't be able to go, which kind of sucks but it's OK. But I got my birthday off! Hooray!

Third, Molly is home! Hooray! I think today we're going to the mall to get her cell phone all set up and then I don't know what else. I think we might just rent a couple of movies and watch them here. Maybe we'll grab some lunchies at the mall too!

And finally, the "piece de resistance": not only am I registered for fall, but my degree navigator says that my program is done! Take a look:

"BA in Sociology

20 of 20 full course equivalents are complete

6 of 6 requirements are complete
Program status : Done"

That's so funny that I said "take a look" because at the moment I said that, so did Maury! Oh Maury, how I love thee.

Oh yeah, and Aaron's wedding! It was pretty fun! It was also a little weird, just because AARON GOT MARRIED! It was fantastic though and I'm oh so happy for him! They just looked so happy! And she was very, very very oh so beautiful! I can't wait to actually hopefully spend some time with them once things settle down a little! The only bummer was that Jana didn't make it!

I'm sorry that my one-hundredth post was nothing too exciting!

Just for Jord, let me post a link to Bo Burnham and also one for myself: Wipeout (everyone should watch Wipeout on Tuesday at 9)!!!