Tuesday, June 26, 2007

At school!

Me and Nattie took a trip up here to the U of C today to do many things: go to the UPO (undergraduate programs office), look around the campus, try to go to the education advisors, and register Nattie for her classes (her reg. date is today, in 2 minutes)... I also found the rest of my classes for the year which is very exciting!!! I just want it to be easier to teach math though. Oh well. I think I'll maybe just get a minor in math instead of a second degree, because I just want to be done. There is something about getting the other degree that I just LOVE but I don't know if I can stay here that long. In any case, I took courses that would go along with both, so that's sweet. I kind of wonder if it's the same either way. Today at the UPO though, we discovered that I need 14 more courses. That's 4 more 4 class semesters, with 2 of them being 3 class semesters, based on a math minor. Which is OK.

Anyways, I don't really want to think about skool right now! We are going to Drumheller on Saturday, which is VERY exciting (me, Mattie, and Nattie)! Other than that, I'm also quite excited that me and James have one last date before he goes to Vancouver! I should actually make sure that Molly doesn't need the car tonight! Hmm hmm hmm.... Anyways. We're almost done here I think, so we'll probably be leaving soon (or soonish)... I really don't want to go to work tomorrow (or Thursday or Friday) but at least this is a long weekend coming up!!!!! I just really need a vacation! I'm totally workin for Edmonton weekend right now!!!! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nancy Drew

I have just received word that Nattie has acquired a copy of the new Nancy Drew game. I am SOOOO excited!!! We always have tons of fun (and tons of slurpees) playing those babies, and luckily, survivor just ended and Pirate Master isn't all that good a show, so we have empty Thursday night dates!!!! I'm SOOOOO pumped!!! This one is set in the Canadian Rockies (hello? that's where we live!)..... I'm so so so so so psyched! And a little hungry, actually. I just ate my lunch though and I want another sandwich cause mine was so delicious with my new delicious pickles that I bought yesterday!!!! <3

Friday, June 8, 2007

2 years already!

Aaron is home!!! I'm so very excited to have my very good friend/husband back!!! And we have the same Alexisonfire shirt which is cool too!!!! Tonight at midnight I drove over to Aaron's house to visit with him and Kade and his little brother for a while! I have missed him very very much! And it was fun to hang out with Kade for a while! I last saw both of them when the three of us and Jordan all went to see Million Dollar Baby just before Aaron left for Utah! I can hardly explain how excited I am that he's back! I sincerely hope we can see each other a lot! It's very helpful, of course, that he likes the same kinds of bands as Jordan, Justin, and Tomo, (and me too!) so that's VERY exciting! I can just hardly believe it's been 2 years! Kade said he couldn't really believe he was sitting in front of him either, and neither could I! I hope he had an awesome time on his mission though. I sooo sooo respect that about him (and Kaila, for that matter), that he (they) could leave regular life behind and step out in their faith like that. Maybe I'm not a Christian exactly and I'm not a mormon, but I still think it's mighty admirable! So nice job guys, for what it's worth!

Anyways, we had a LOT of fun sitting around and checking out bands on myspace and stuff! I wish I had a digital camera so I could have taken pictures! Oh well! Stuff happens! Hopefully there will be lots of chances for pictures soon! I should start making plans with friends. I've been so lazy/such a bad friend for such a long time and I feel very badly about it. Sam, Kaila, Jana, Meg, I haven't seen any of them in so long! This semester I think a lot of it is because of tutoring, just because I hardly get a spare minute, but other than that I have no real reasons for doing it! In any case, I hope I can do better in the future! Anyways, it was just a really good day! I had fun with Nattie renting Quinceanera and then saw Aaron and now I'm getting sleepy. I was kind of wired today cause Aaron is home, but now I'm definitely getting sleepy!

Night all! <3