Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not much, not much

School starts tomorrow, hooray! (or not, but whatevs)... ha ha ha..... I had a fairly unproductive day. I woke up, cleaned my bedroom a little, filled up my bike tires, went to the lake and took out a kayak (and made it around the lake in like 15 minutes which was kind of nice) and then messed around until J got here for tutoring! It was lots of fun because she's awesome and easy to teach (new from last week). My daddy brought a sub home for dinner and then he took me for a trip to get some lunchies snacks! Hooray!!!

Oh yeah! How could I forget!?!!?!?!?! My dear wonderful friend Aaron is getting married!!!! June 27! So soon! I'm pretty excited for it, it should be awesome and I'm so excited for him!!!!! It's definitely kind of strange though because he's my first friend to get married! It's just all very exciting!

Right now I'm reacquainting myself with Will and Grace which is pretty fun! I haven't watched this show in such a long time! It's been fun! I had an enjoyable day off though. It's been nice. I wish I could do this every day.



Natalie said...

Hooray for Aaron! It is so weird/fun that you get to go to a friend's wedding!

Louamonster said...

I know! It's totally weird AND exciting!

Natalie said...

Typing weird/fun like that reminded me of that terrible movie crazy/beautiful. Yikes! That was the one with OB and KD right?

Louamonster said...

No, that was Elizabethtown. KD is in crazy/beautiful, but that's the one where she has short hair and doesn't wear a bra and stars in it with that Spanish (I think) guy.