Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mmmm, stuff!

I'm sitting at home today before I have to work (weird, I know.... it's Thursday, I'm supposed to only hang out with Nattie on thursdays!).... I'm not entirely sure how long I will be able to stay here because my pops is driving me to work (well, the library) and I don't know what time we will be leaving, so I may finish this later. Hopefully by then something extra interesting will have happened! Though, I suppose that exciting things have happened since I last wrote!

We started conjugating a couple of verbs yesterday in Italian and that was kind of fun because I was kind of wondering how long it would take her to get there. It was fun though. I was so tired yesterday though, I woke up early (6:15), even though I knew I was going to have to but I had had trouble sleeping last night. Anyways, so I was very tired all day and I'm in class from 9 until 4 with about a total of a half hour of break time in between. Anyways, I shouldn't complain. It was fine. I spent my afternoon learning about genitals which was funny sort of. Especially because my professor doesn't know how to pronounce most of the stuff he was talking about, I think, so he just kind of mumbles through it. I'm pretty psyched for it to turn into the "psychological" issues or whatevs part. (and aside: my dad and I are sort of watching this hour has 22 minutes and they have a little "commercial" about how smoking is bad with some guys doing stuff like play instruments after they had had trachiotomies (sp?). Yuck.).

Annnnnd I'm back! I'm enjoying a little bit of my very, very favourite TV station! Right now Family Guy is on, Seinfeld is next!!!! And Seinfeld is just my favourite! I also bought some Kernels popcorn today (which I've been doing far too much of lately, but oh well), which is also pretty darned exciting! Kaila is coming home soon which is highly exciting also!!! Really much more exciting than Seinfeld being on soon or having Kernels popcorn, but it's all exciting at this moment!!!

Ha ha, I really have nothing to write about! Jord and I got F some t-shirts for her birthday on Saturday from Johnny Cupcakes! I would post them but I'm far, far too lazy!

Ooh, also coming home (on SATURDAY) is Kristen from work!!! i'm so excited for her to come back!

Anyways, as usual, I've spent PLENTY of time writing about nothing, so I'll sign off now. School tomorrow, I'm off to enjoy Seinfeld (only 5 minutes left!)....



Natalie said...

Ha, psyched for it to turn into psyc issues? What happened to the "psyc blows" mentality?

Louamonster said...

Ha ha, because it won't be all that psych-ish, I don't think. It'll be about real stuff, not boring stuff like Doherty's class was. Maybe I just disliked him. Whatever though. There's really no work involved, so even if it is like Doherty's class that'll be A-OK.

Louamonster said...
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