Thursday, August 21, 2008

Long time no post

Holy cow I can't believe my last post was on my birthday!!!

I had a wonderful birthday though! As always, I made sure I had many celebrations with all different friends!

Jord, Matt, Nattie, and I all went to my birthday movie (Pineapple Express) together on the Friday (I think it was Friday) and it was so funny! I really enjoyed it anyways! And we saw it at Westhills due to overcrowding at Chinook and I really liked it! Westhills really isn't that much further of a drive than Chinook and I think it's worth it because there aren't as many people there and it's just a really nice smaller theatre! The only bad thing about it is that it doesn't have as intense of a slant in the seating so it's harder to see by a little bit if you're short! Still fun though, I would DEFINITELY do it again!!!

On Saturday the girls from work all went out for mine and Kristen's birthdays (Kristen's is the day after mine) to the Bull and Finch (a.k.a. the Pub and Finch, for some reason) for name that tune!!! It was really fun!!! Matt and Nattie came out too, which was really fun! I think we all had a great time anyways, and we won! Hooray!

Then, on the Sunday, my parents made me dinner and Molly had McKenzie come over and my parents invited Auntie Marillyn and Uncle Rob! We played Apples to Apples together after dinner too, which was OH SO MUCH FUN! Apples to Apples is just the best game ever!!! It was such a good buy, thanks to Amanda for introducing it to me!!!

And then the birthday fun was pretty much over and I had to get back to business! The last week of summer school was pretty busy, but I was really happy that I had been able to finish my second history paper much earlier than it was due! I handed that in and got B after B in soci which was obnoxious because he doesn't actually grade anything, he only marks on a curve! I could have killed him! I'm just glad it's over, and a B+ in the course is really nothing to be upset about (even though I am kind of but I feel bad about it)....

I'm still not sure what my history mark is, but I JUST emailed my prof, so maybe she'll email back my grade!

It was oh so nice to be finished! I definitely didn't think that I would ever finish, but it was really good! I really can't believe that I ever did it, took summer school and now I'm looking forward to 3 weeks off!

During the last week of school, Jord's Aunt Barb, Uncle Ian and cousin Melissa were here! I finally got to meet his Uncle Ian! It was VERY exciting because I had never met him before!

And then, the night of my last exam, Jord's brother Cierin got married! It was a surprise and it was oh so sweet!!! They got married on the S.S. Moyie, the boat at Heritage Park! It was really nice and me and Jord and Fev and Steve hung out with Ben a little bit, which was so much fun! All of Cierin and Carla's boys are sweet, but gosh is Ben ever funny! He and Steve call each other Buttercup, which is pretty darn funny.

And then, the day after the wedding, we went to Edmonton with Nattie and Matt! We went to the waterpark on Sunday and had a lot of fun! Jordan pushed me under water and made me hit my head on the bottom of the pool! I was so mad at him but it was an accident, so whatever! And then after that we all went back to the hotel room (Fantasyland, hooray!) and showered and got ready for dinner! We were starving and we went to Boston Pizza! I had a pizza and didn't feel sick at all, and then we stopped for ice cream and I still didn't feel yucky! I was sooooo happy! After dinner, we went back to our room and played Apples to Apples for a few hours! Then we shopped on Monday and came home around 3! We got stuck after an accident on Deerfoot and all four of us wanted nothing more than to get home! It was really just fun though, the whole trip!

And that's pretty much it to be honest! I've just been working since I got back and it's definitely nice to be home and back to normal. I've gotten some sleep which is nice and I hope that I will stop feeling tired before school starts again in September, but I'm sure I will, because I even feel so much better today!

Phew, I think that's it! I've had lots of fun and am so excited to be done school! Yay!


long enough?


Natalie said...

I think I meant to post here 'later' and forgot to get around to it...

I'm glad you had a great birthday and super happy we all enjoyed the movie you picked!! It is always more fun that way.


Natalie said...

i can't really read your blog anymore. the graphics are kinda all gone and the text is red on red... is it me? it doesn't happen for any other blogs...

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