Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The big day...

So here we are. Election Day! I really should have cared more about ours and less about theirs (the Americans, I mean), but it's an exciting day for the world one way or the other, I think.

I'm really pulling for Obama. Partly because I think he has the capacity to make change, which I think they sorely need down South and partly because I really do think that a vote for McCain is a vote for W. (thank you, SNL Presidential Bash). Anyways, we'll see for sure. I've been thinking lately "they'd be crazy to elect McCain" (I'm not fully sure why, I'm sure he's not as bad as I'm imagining him), but it honestly couldn't be any crazier than when they elected Bush II for the second time, because they were already fully aware of what a crappy president he was. So we shall certainly see. I remember the last one well though, I coloured my agenda into an American flag in Physics 211 and hoped for Kerry. I'm always HOPING for the Democrats, I hope they win one for me this time!

Me and Nattie get to go to the HOCKEY GAME tonight though! I'm super excited and we will have so much fun! I know we will though!

I can't wait to see some results, the first polls are closing right NOW so there might be some soon! I wonder if I can convince someone to tape the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert special for me!

Go Obama! Go FLAMES!



Natalie said...

I'm excited to see who wins too! Time to check CNN again to see if any results are in!

Also, can't WAIT for the hockey game! So much fun, even if I have to wear my tight-necked shirt.


Alexface said...

OBAMA! woo!