Sunday, May 17, 2009


For real? The last time I wrote in this it was FEBRUARY 22?!?!?!?!?!? Oh crap. Well there's just no way I can remember nor do I have time to write out everything that has happened between then and now. We moved in, seamlessly. My dad and his friend John gave us a real moving surprise and cancelled our need for the Uhaul by moving all our stuff in on Friday (except for Amanda's boxes, which she didn't have TOO many of). So that was amazing! And that was it! And I love it SOOOO soo much! Amanda is an amazing roommate (no big surprise, she's awesome!) and I love having Sugar around so much, he is one of my favourite 4 cats ever! I will post pictures soon, I was going to do it right now but I can't find my camera anywhere. I was going to wait until we cleaned up but that is NOT going to happen, so oh well. Ha ha. Sorry.

Otherwise, I guess I got a promotion (sort of) and definitely some more cash when Janey and I switched jobs in the middle of March. I really like being in the back instead of up front. And it's always fun to get to cover front for Janey when she goes out to do whatever it is she needs to do on her mall walks! And so that's sweet!

Other news.... Jord and I got back together..... I guess 3 weeks ago. So I'm real happy about that. It's good so far. Like really good. Weird a little because we have to figure out where we are or whatever. But it's going really really really well. And his sister, his mom and I bribed him to shave off his moustache on Friday so that's also REALLY good. I hate that thing. Tee hee.

I'm trying my hardest to finish my application to graduate as I type. And having little to no luck. It's quite very much driving me freaking crazy. OK, I think I got it. This is outrageous. Oh well. So, I get to graduate! And so does Nattie! And very appropriately, at the same ceremony. So that is super exciting. Hopefully we don't get lost on the train this time.

Anyways, I gotta get going. I have to tutor in 20 minutes and I've been updating myself to the online world since our internet is working again so my eyes are nearly bleeding. Next time, a story about one of my favourite books ever, tuesdays with Morrie.