Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a week.

I know it's been FOREVER since I updated this but honestly none of the details are all that fascinating and Nattie, you already know them all so I don't really need to put them all in here. I just wanted to post something small because I have had possibly the most crazy week I've ever had in my life and I just wanted to get it out. Ha ha, in an outrageously public (but hardly ever read) forum.

Tomo and Elliott got married last Saturday and it was so wonderful! Congrats to them, they are so cute together and will no doubt live a very long happy life together! I so hope they get everything they ever dreamed of and more! I'm pretty sure they're still away on their honeymoon (I think they're going away to Disneyland later this year as well, how exciting, to have 2 honeymoons!) but Elliott has posted some pretty adorable and sweet updates since they've been gone.

I was also a little hungover on Sunday, oops. Molly and I saw the Ugly Truth, which was awesome and I had a great time with her even though I felt like total garbage.

I really don't want to be nonchalant about this but I feel like it's been a really long time coming and that's that Jordan and I broke up on Monday, I'm pretty sure for good this time. I suppose you can really never say never but sometimes you just can't make it work, no matter how much you love someone. And now I realize that and that's OK. We'll both live, just fine. And hopefully we can keep being friends and hopefully someday I'll be friends with his wife or girlfriends or whatever and we can just be really great friends who had a really great relationship a long time ago.

I've been thinking the last week or so though, about stuff and things, lol. And how damn lucky I have been in my short 22 (almost 23) years to have so many amazing people walk in (and sometimes out) of my life. I could never even attempt to make a list, but you all know who you are and I just wanted to say thanks. I don't think anyone reads this other than Nattie (and she'll die of shock when she sees that I've updated so she might not even read this far), but if you read this, please know that even though you probably don't realize it (even though you might), you've had more of an impact on my life and who I am than you could ever know. So a million times thank you. I'm just the absolute luckiest girl in the whole world: I've met more amazing people in these short 22 years (do I sound like a broken record yet) than probably some people do in their whole lives. I forget about that a LOT, I think, and I don't treat a lot of my friends like I should to show them how much I love and appreciate them, but I truly, truly do. Whether it's sharing laughter or tears, fun or sadness, in sickness in health, for richer for poorer (wait, how did I get here?).... just kidding. But seriously, thanks to everyone. I love you all so much more than I could ever say in person (because I'm a baby and am cold/dead inside) and especially online.

Sometimes you just can't plan for things, huh. I think I've had one of those weeks. And the constant in all of it is that all of my friends who have handled me until now and still stick around (tough, tough people, nice work) have stuck by me every step of the way, no matter what it was that I was learning at that particular moment. I also can't sleep but that's a totally separate story. :)

Also, could someone float me a little musical talent? I'm trying to play my guitar again today and when I sing it sounds like I've been smoking (I haven't been). And it's driving me crazy.


Natalie said...

haha, i'm glad to see you update! it was a nice surprise- i check nearly every day.

a very nice entry. :) haha, and i think the impact that you have had on my life became clear when i was attempting to explain to rob our platonic relationship and why outsiders might get the wrong impression, just because we are so darn close. and i love that! <3

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