Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You really can't.....

plan for life, can you. Not that anything unexpected has happened to me recently, it's just what I've been thinking about. I think I'm really frustrated because I misread a certain situation and then really fouled it up. That's all I'll say, but my one reader knows what happened. The details aren't important anyways.

Nothing too, too exciting going on otherwise. Enjoying some Jeopardy. I LOVE Jeopardy. Speaking of old people-like things that I am in love with, I caught up with a little Antiques Roadshow last night. Boy was that ever good. This one guy had this amazing collection of Hallmark cards (he worked for Hallmark) by Charles Schulz (sp?) as well as some assorted sketches, including Peanuts ones. It was pretty cool. I gotta say it gave me goosebumps a little. The appraiser said it was probably worth up to $150,000. Which is NUTS, especially because he didn't seem to expect it to be worth too, too much. It's just such a good show though. Has anyone else noticed that Jeopardy has changed their set dramatically? I think I know the answer to that question, ha ha.

I'm starving and don't feel like cooking anything. Brutal. I'd say there's a SERIOUS chance I'll be having KD pretty soon here. I made this spaghetti last night and it was quite good but it was so garlicky I tasted it ALL NIGHT so I don't really feel like having it again, even though I have 2 containers of leftovers. The garlic has probably just intensified by this time anyways. So I think I'll skip it.

The other piece of news is that I did a little bike shopping today. And I had NO luck. It was brutal. I was really interested in this one but none of the people at the store knew how to fold it and I didn't want to buy it without seeing how to fold it. I even tried to take the instruction manual out of the little bag hanging from the bike to figure it out but I just couldn't get it. I was really disappointed in the customer service I received there. I try my VERY best not to complain about stuff like that, but it was brutal. If someone asked me how to fold something when I worked at TRU and I didn't know the answer, I would ASK SOMEONE. So that really sucked. I'll have to bring a friend next time, I guess.

I had really good plans to read by the pool tonight but I'm so tired I'll probably just end up lazing around on my computer and watching TV. I have 2 good shows to watch soon, so I'm watching some The Doctors until the good stuff starts.

Annnyways, SUPER excited for mine and Mattie and Nattie's trip to Edmonton in a few weeks and then TORONTO AND MONTREAL pretty soon too! HOORAY!



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