Friday, April 20, 2007

Bummed out .

I can't say why though. I think facebook is partly to blame ;) though. I feel kind of invisible. It's very strange. I think I just feel plain old weird. Although, tonight was the most exciting Survivor episode in the history of the show! It was sooooo good!!!! I had a really great time with Nattie. Maybe I'm just tired. Of working on something a lot of the time out of my day. It's very exhausting. It almost makes me excited for summer cause I won't have to work during the weekend (for the most part) and I'll have 1 less thing to do: school! I'm kind of glad that I didn't take a spring course. I still feel strange though. Strangely unhappy. Like in a general sense. I probably just need some sleep. This is what I will do: sleep. I suppose I find it frustrating that I have many good plans to do good things for myself or others and they usually just go down the toilet. It's very frustrating. I suppose this is a universal thing, but it's still no fun. Hm. In any case, I'm gonna go watch some TV and then fall asleep. Jordan better call me tonight or I will straight up murder his butt! Night all :)


Natalie said...

How exciting that I can finally leave insightful and "powerful" (haha, probably not) comments on your blog!

Louamonster said...

NATTIE! I'm leaving fart jokes on yours if you get it working!