Monday, April 30, 2007

Kamloops is gay.

I hate to dedicate an entire post to me being totally emo and such, but here it is... I was so upset today that Jordan left for Kamloops. It really did just sneak up on me, and that was particularly brutal. It also sucked so much more because after we had so many problems for those few weeks or that month or whatever there, it was just the absolute best weekend (for the most part), but relationship-wise, it was fabulous. The not so great part was that we got rear-ended on Saturday night and it was really scary, plus Nattie hit her head and due to the ITP thing, it was somewhat worrisome. The good news though, of course, is that she's fine. I sort of get the feeling that hitting her head, though it may be quite a worry even now, is much more of a threat when she has a really low platelet count. So, considering it's much higher (I think) than when we were in gr. 8, for instance, this is much good news. In any case though, it was still scary, but she tells me she feels fine, so this is VERY good news! It's also really good that James's parents were so very understanding about what happened. My parents would have been way more angry, not necessarily at me, but they still would have been SUPER angry! Doesn't really matter though, it's out of everyone's hands now, and most importantly, everyone is alright!

Ha ha, the real point of posting though, was to say about how wonderful the weekend was and how brutal it is that James left! So.... on Friday we had a little train adventure, then went out for dinner with his parents cause his mom got a new job with the CBE that she wanted (it sounded like a really intense interview), and that was awesome on all levels. Hmmm. The accident must have been Friday... so then we went home to my house, and ditched our plans to go to Backwoods and get hammed (cause none of us felt like it). We went to the mall, had a snack, bought Kernels popcorn, had the accident.... Then we went back to my house and watched 1 horrible movie that I'm thrilled I slept through and one really awesome movie that I've seen before and slept through a little bit of it. Then James slept over and it was just a lovely day! Then Saturday was pretty fun too! I had to tutor, and then me and James went over to his house and did laundry for his trip most of the day with his mom. Then we played a game of pool with her and then we went to Tomo's! And I got to meet Justin's new girlfriend Kate who is really nice!!!! And hanging out with Tomo and Justin is always real fun anyways! So, we went to Denny's with them for dinner, which was also delicious and fun at the same time! Then, we went to The Invisible with Neil, Lindsay, Kyle and Mel and had lots of fun even though the movie sort of blew chunks. Well, I thought it did but I know Kyle really liked it, so that's good! I still had an awesome time! Then we went to James's house and I slept there (I L-O-V-E sleeping in his bed, even by myself), it was so comfy! Then I came home to tutor and went right back to Jordy's house! My parents drove me there though, and Jordy's parents were outside having coffee/cigarettes and so they talked for what seemed like forever! And then me and James had a totally lovely day on Sunday and I bought 2 CDs which I'm so excited about (The Fray and Jeremy Fisher's newest)...and then it was JOHN MAYER TIME!!!! We had dinner with Fev and Steve at Tommy Burger and it was SOOOO good! And then John Mayer was freaking amazing! Then we went back to James's and had another sleepover and that was fun too! Then, we went to the bus station in the morning and I wanted to stay until James actually left, but I knew I was going to start crying and then I'd feel like a weirdo in front of his dad so I went upstairs a little early. Plus I didn't want to make his dad wait too long. Then his dad drove me home and I talked his ear off just like I did to Cieran at Jordy's 18th birthday (so embarassing, both times).... and then I came home and cried a bit and then ate my face off to be ready for wisdom teeth-ness today! (I started writing this sucka yesterday but then saved it, so now I'm finishing it on Tuesday, today)... In any case, I'm bummed that James isn't here but yesterday I went over to Nattie's and she's too sweet and bought me a wisdom tooth care package with soup and slurpee gift certificates and all this other awesome stuff...including this ridiculously cute beanie baby (the webkinz of the dark ages, ha ha)... And then Matt sent me a really sweet and thoughtful text message this morning wishing me all the best and so that made my heart warm too! So all in all, a mostly happy, somewhat sad weekend! And right now I just want my stupid mouth to stop bleeding! It's so gross!!! Anyways, I'm impressed if anyone lasted this long!!!! <3


Natalie said...

I'm trying to update and it is saying that I can't! Boo!

Louamonster said...

I hope Nattie got to update!!!