Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So midterms are FINALLY over! Hooray! That's DEFINITELY not to say that I don't have tons of work left to do, but it can all wait at least a couple of days, and that's precisely what I plan on! As I told Nattie, I'm not even going to OPEN my backpack tonight! I might try and go over to Blockbuster and rent a movie for my movie review though, and maybe I'll watch it while Nattie's in her late class today. I'm pretty sure that the topic I think fit in with the movies I picked is due next Friday so I should really get a jump on that. After that, I only have 2 more papers for 493, 1 paper and 1 "take home final" for 475, 1 more exam, 1 lab, and the consultant's challenge for 315 and 1 exam and that movie review for 421. So, let's see... that's..... only 8 things left to do!!!! Plus a bunch of reading. Anyways, I'm just glad that the weekend from hell is over! I worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and had midterms on Tuesday and Wednesday! I haven't really relaxed in almost a week, except for a little last night! I'm so sleepy though, and so excited to sleep in on Friday!

The most exciting thing happened yesterday though! Last week, Kristen called me from work and asked if I wanted her to put my name in the hat to go to this training thing for Tourism Alberta (customer service is getting into the tourism stand business), and I said yes of course! I also told her that I didn't want to step on anybody's toes or anything, and she said it was fine. Then, on Sunday at BEST training, Brenda mentioned that she was going to choose the people to go by seniority, so I was like, very cool, Amanda and Katie or someone will go and they'll have fun! I was totally fine with it though! So, yesterday, Amanda called me from work and said, "don't worry, I'm not asking you to come in, I just have good news for you" and I had NO clue what the news was, and then she told me that I'm going to Edmonton for the training thing with her! WAY COOL! We'll have so much fun! And Amanda is thinking of driving up there herself and so we'll just have so much fun! It's 4 days too, which is way cool! It's May 1-4, which means that I leave more than a week after my last final and come back more than a week before Spring semester starts, so it'll be the perfect little vacation (plus work training) ever! Anyways, I'm super excited and I feel special that she picked me! I have no idea how that happened, but I'm excited for it for sure!!!!

Also, I have 2 new tutoring students this semester! A just came for the first time yesterday and is so awesome! She's a friend of N's, from last semester! And the other girl who started last week is really young and seems pretty fun so far. She (M) is coming tonight to see me and hopefully we'll have lots of fun! She's only in grade 7, which is not as much fun as highschool, but it should be a good time!

I think that's all for now! I feel like I have other good school-related news but I guess not. :)



Natalie said...

Hey I commented back on my spring fever post!

Also, I envy how well you deal with school. I am so miserable right now... and you seem to take it all in stride! I try that and sometimes it works, but then things like that test yesterday happen that bring me right back down. I think a part of it is that Matt and I just sit around all weekend which makes me feel even MORE down (which is totally my fault, he always wants to do stuff and I don't) so maybe I'll see how much fun stuff we can do this weekend and try to get out of my mid to end semester blues!

Natalie said...

Oh and ps- by heading over to Blockbuster, you certainly meant Roger's, right?


Louamonster said...

Oh thanks friend! I still have totally the "oh well" attitude about things that I've already done. Not that I'm not curious about how I did and stuff, but it's just that I know that if I do everything I can (which you do, and I usually don't except I've been doing it lately and feel great about it).... anyways, I figure if I do the best I can, it can just all go to hell, you know? I dunno. It's probably the wrong attitude to have, but I try my best to not let it get to me or get too stressed out about stuff. I don't do any work on the weekends either. To be honest, the best time to get stuff done is on the bus and the train! 2-4 hours a day is more than enough time to get some serious reading done! Ha ha, you should start taking the bus! :) Also... you should have lots of fun this weekend! Maybe you and I could partake in some fun together this weekend! I'm so excited for the long weekend!

Natalie said...

Yes, that would be lovely if we could have some weekend fun! Haha I never figure that I have done all I can. I always think that I could have done more work earlier, etc.

Anyway, I'm in the place now of thinking that the test I wrote yesterday can just go to hell. So that's better I guess!

-ashley* said...

Friend how I love your comments!!! That made me chuckle... yes.. Jugo Juice is "Juice Juice" hahaha.. ridiculous I KNOW!!!!! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN? ARE CLASSES KICKING UR BUTT? Mine sure are and its been 2 weeks!! haha. I went to an island on the weekend though it was amazing.. I SAW PENGUINOS (PENGUINS) that ps is my new fav word.