Monday, March 24, 2008

Some movies and Easter Bunny times

Just thought I'd post about a couple o' movies I've seen lately and also on my fun fun fun Easter weekend!!!

Movies first!

On Friday, me and Jordy rented No Country for Old Men and Joe Rogan Live (or something like that). We thought that No Country for Old Men was super boring and turned it off after like 10 minutes or something and watched Joe Rogan (who was way too vulgar for my liking).

Then, we actually WATCHED No Country for Old Men at his house after a delicious dinner on Sunday night and REALLY enjoyed it. I'm actually watching it again with my pops right now. It was really fun and James and his mommy made popcorn and it was lots and lots of fun!

After No Country for Old Men, we watched Dan in Real Life, which we rented last weekend or something. It was pretty good, though somewhat cheesy. Still good good good though. I was talking to Jord (and Nattie today) about how I find it difficult to be all like "Oh, Steve Carrell is my hero" when he's playing a more subdued role that something like in The 40 Year Old Virgin or The Office. Still very good though.

And THEN, tonight me and Mattie and Nattie went to see Horton Hears a Who! It was also fun fun fun, and I definitely gasped at one part! It was sort of embarassing! Funny though. "Don't bother looking for him, he's invisible" is a line that I thought was just hysterical!

Anyways, the weekend was good! I sat on my bum on Friday before James came over to watch movies. I had a 2 or 3 hour nap in the afternoon and then fell asleep very early...well, earlier than usual! And then Saturday me and James both worked and then we went out for Mel's birthday at the Point, which was very fun! Then, we had brunch at my house for Easter, went on a date to Market Mall and then had dinner at Jordy's house! It was so delicious! TURKEY! I couldn't even believe it!!! I was very excited! And it was very very delicious! It was also lots of fun because Jord's mommy's friend Debbie drove down from Red Deer! Debbie is lots of fun and this time she called Jordan Antonio and his dad Rico. It was funny too, because she kept asking "Who is that", "What is he doing there", etc, etc, all through the movie. It was great fun! When we all went to Baker Creek for Jord's mom's graduation last year or 2 years ago, Debbie and I were roommates! She's very sweet and fun!!!

All in all, it was a lovely weekend! Oh, then I skipped my first class today and then I went to Stats and came home! Good good times!!!



Natalie said...

Hmm, I wouldn't expect Joe Rogan to be vulgar...

Haha that line was fantastic... "... and he lives in the sky. Don't bother looking for him; he's invisible."

Louamonster said...

I didn't really either. I kind of had a feeling because I had heard about some problem he had with a heckler where he used some pretty colourful language, but I wasn't expecting what I got. This is for sure.

That Horton line was awesome! It was a fine movie!