Monday, April 21, 2008

A quote

A quote for all my online friends:

"Back in the fifties when all the women were, like, burning their bras for the right to vote or whatever".

This was said by a guy on the train who had just been talking to an old crazy man. This is how the original conversation went:

Old crazy man: Nice day today, eh?
Young stupid man: Yeah. Great out (he was reading at the time).
O: Do you mind if I ask what you're reading?
Y: No, it's a textbook.
O: Oh. What do you study?
Y: Computer Science.
Me: GAAAAAAAAAGGGGG! Computer Science is brutal! Poor guy! (in my head)
O: Oh. I employ a lot of computer scientists.
Y: Oh yeah? Doing what?
O: I'm the idea man.
Y: What do you mean?
O: I come up with ideas and I get paid for it.
Y: Wow. That's pretty cool.
O: You ever heard of the internet?
Y: Yeah, we study it.
O: I'm still waiting for my money on that one.

And I figure he'll be waiting a long time. Anyways, after the old guy got off the train, a friend of the younger guy sat down and that's when I overheard that gloriously hilarious quote! I just couldn't believe it and was so excited I wrote it down on my article that I was reading!

I'm going to try my best to round up all the quotes I've written down in the last couple of years and I'll try and share one here every once in a while. I love seeing comedy like that everywhere. Life is just so much fun.

Anyways, I wrote my 421 final today and then I handed in my 475 take home final! I thought about going home to work, but figured I'd get more work done here. And it was a good day! After I dropped off my stuff to Dr. Wong, I went for a swim and then came down here to work after I had something quick for lunch. Gosh was I ever hungry! Anyways, so I was working away and I was having a bit of trouble with one of the articles so I sent my prof. an email asking her if she would be here today. She said she was here right now and so I went up to see her and then I ran into Linda!!!! That means I saw my three favourite professors from my whole university time all in one day! Dr. Wong, Dr. Wallace and Linda are easily three of my favourites of all time!

Anyways, I should get back to work on these notes for my final essay in work (Dr. Wallace's class). I have notes to write about 4 more articles, I think and then up to 10 pages to write! Here's hoping it goes well! And I REALLY REALLY hope I can do killer on this one like I did the first one, not just decent like the second one! I know I shouldn't complain about 80% (and I'm really not) but it does hurt a little after getting a 95%!!!!!

Enjoy your week everyone! In 3 days, 0 hours and 28 minutes I can say goodbye to this whole semester!!!

Oh, additionally... Layne and I are going to try and convince Brenda that we could have a Head Shave event at the mall! Layne and I would both shave our heads again! I think that would be great fun!!!



Natalie said...

I was just telling Matt's mom about that crazy old man and the internet. I didn't get it quite right, but we laughed.

It came up b/c their work has a toll free help line... and apparently they get a LOT of crazies! She said they got one loooong voicemail from a woman talking about her cancer and how she beat it, but she went to the grocery store and it came back. Lots of other stuff too. You are so right. There is comedy EVERYWHERE!

"If the animals were tax-payers, I bet they would be safe."
"Oh yeah, some other wacko said that before."

Corentine said...

Good words.