Thursday, April 17, 2008

What if firefighters ran the world?


I finished the assignment that I was looking forward to the least (my Greenfingers movie review), and I think I did not do it as well as I should have! Anyways, I don't care anymore... it's been handed in already! Just 4 more things left! And I've taken down all the notes I need for the next thing I need to hand in, so that's good!

Today me and Nattie finally went to Oh Canada! It was actually pretty good, except that they put BUTTER on their MONTREAL SMOKED MEAT sandwich! That is totally unnatural and sacreligious and I did NOT enjoy it. Otherwise, it was fairly delicious! And they served a pickle with it which was delicious, the fries were quite good and the coleslaw was also good! Coleslaw is so underloved and I COMPLETELY loved mine today! Mmmm mmmmm mmmm! I was very Montreal-an, I even ate my french fries with mayonnaise! I think they do that in Montreal! I hope to go there someday soon!

And now, to share the inspiration for the title of this post! It's Sprint's latest Nextel commercial (YOU MUST CLICK HERE AND WATCH IT, IT'S HILARIOUS!) and it's just great! And so true!

Anyways, enjoy your day/ night, I'm off to write about the "dark side of transnationalism"!


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Natalie said...

Oh, I totally have seen that commercial. Haha. If only city council was so efficient... sigh. I often think of the moves council made that we sit and laugh at in my CNST class, and it's sad that I can see now what they will be laughing at OUR generation for in 50, 100, and 100+ years.

On another note, you gave me a wicked craving for a MSM sandwich. So thanks for that.