Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas #1

Tonight Nattie and Mattie and I had Christmas together!!!!

I had completely forgotten (or maybe just disregarded) how close Christmas was, but tonight when Nattie texted to see if I was still up for a Twinkle Tour and said that she wanted to exchange gifts tonight too!!! I hadn't even wrapped hers and Matt's gift!!! So I said yes and that I hadn't showered or changed all day..... so the extent of my changing was to change my overtop jammie pants (I left everything else the same, I hope I smelled OK ;)) and then I wrapped their gifts!!!

And then I went over and we actually cancelled our twinkle tour but went on two short drives: me and Nattie went to Superstore and had little luck finding what she needed and Matt went for gas and coffee (YUM)!!!

And then we had present opening festivities!!! We got each other the same gift!!! We both (by both I mean both parties: me and Matt/Nattie) received Seinfeld Scene It!!!! They also got me The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir, which I'm stoked to read and a lavendar-scented pink ribbon campaign magic bag!!!!

Speaking of magic....... I'm really excited for Magic'n'Miracles on Saturday, which is part of Nattie and Mattie's Christmas present!!! I just have to find a date!!!!


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Natalie said...

I'm so excited too! I LOVE MAGIC SHOWS! I'm glad we all had a good Christmas #1 together. <3 Haha, and our Christmas was very magical... a MAGIC bag and tickets to MAGIC and miracles.

<3 <3 <3