Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too Long!

Oh wow, I haven't updated in such a long time!!!! Today was the last day of school!!! For my whole undergraduate degree! EEK! I'm pretty excited now, but Nattie kept asking if I was excited earlier today but I just wanted to come home and get back into my jammies due to being sick, but I am quite excited now that I am in my jammies!!!!

I'm pretty bummed about the Sylvan thing though. I spent a whole shift there yesterday and I really didn't like it. Luckily I haven't signed anything yet and so I have some time to think about it, but it just isn't what I expected. I'm not really sure what to do, so I definitely will think about it, but I definitely felt the same as I did when I worked at Second Cup for 3 days (ha ha). I kind of felt like I just didn't fit in really. It's also pretty much done for you, so it's a job that anyone could do, which isn't really what I wanted. They just need someone who can sell stuff (which I don't think I'm very good at), do administrative work like entering schedules, comments, accounting (which I am good at but don't really want to do). I would like to do the parent conferences, I think, but I'm just not very stoked on the whole operation, so I'm just thinking, thinking, thinking.

Of course it also sucked because I felt so sick, but I had walked over from Gold's (about a 10-15 min walk) so my lungs were burning and when I got to Sylvan I was so excited to see the door because it was so cold! And when I went to open it.........it was LOCKED! I was so mad! I was right on time, so I went over to Co-op to get some cough drops and stuff but then I got back, at like 11:40 (I was supposed to be there at 11:30) and she still wasn't there! I loitered in the doorway of the walk-in clinic for a while, but then I went back and she still wasn't there. I went back to the clinic one more time and then went back and she didn't actually get there until 11:50!!!! So that clearly wasn't very good and it kinda bummed me out about the whole deal. I honestly was so close to calling my parents and asking them to come get me. At 12, I probably would have.

So I dunno. I'm spending my sick day (I called in sick to work) looking around but I might check if that job at the mall is still available while I'm looking for something else. I think I might be done with the Sylvan thing.

Anyways, I'm done!!!! I bought myself Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, which is pretty exciting! I really like The Golden Compass so I'm pretty excited to read the books! The movie is only made from the first book, so I should be able to read all three before the second and third movies come up (I hope) and the book is always better than the movie!!!

So, otherwise not much of anything is going on. Me and Amanda have been talking about buying a house together and so that would be exciting, but I think we have a lot to talk about. It might be better if we didn't, because we'd be making a commitment to be friends and stuff, which would be tough. So I think we need to talk about it more, but I'd definitely still like to do it!

Tonight's the finale of the Biggest Loser AND Law and Order SVU is on AND I think House is on too!!! Guilt-free TV watching, here I come!!!!!

I can't believe it. Today is my first day being free (when the freedom will last more than 2 weeks) since September 2007!!!!


Natalie said...

Oh wow, I'm o excited for you and so excited for guilt free tv watching! And excited you updated! Yay!!!

Good luck figuring out the Sylvan thing! It must be tough.

Louamonster said...

I just sent an email saying I quit. We'll see how long it takes for them to get back to me. Hopefully soon. And hopefully by email. If they call me I'm screening for SHO.

Natalie said...

Haha, screening. I hope they grow a set an email you back!!