Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas/New Years!

I don't know what to post in here about Christmas and New Years! They were both so much fun and I so enjoyed myself!!!!!

My gift that I'm most recently enjoying is David Suzuki and David Boyd's Green Guide. I bought it with my book money from my AD! I had a feeling when I read, like, the first page that it might change my life and I still think so. It talks about all these amazing things that you can do, in every price range, to help the environment. For instance, for a greener house you can make sure to turn off your lights and appliances when they aren't in use; you can put a $20 insulating jacket on your water heater; you can ask your utility company if they provide green energy; or you can just be super hardcore (and with some cash in your pocket) and convert your whole house to its own solar heating. I just started the food chapter today and I'm super interested. I already learned about the resources that it takes to produce meat compared to the resources required to produce plant based proteins. It's amazing though, and I think everyone should read it. Another really cool thing about it is that (even though he spells cheque "check", grrrr), it was printed on environmentally friendly paper in Canada and only has one price on it (the Canadian one). Go Canada!

Otherwise, I'm unemployed right now and it's already driving me CRAZY! The lady from HR at the mall called me though, and so I think I got the reception job!!!!


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kmack said...

Oh loverly lou!
You will have to work on your librarian skills and let me check out that book. (oh snap, that had like 2 zings in there).

And you no longer have to go crazy about being jobless because you my friend have a job *wooty woot!*

I just wanted to post something on this so go me! haha.