Friday, February 9, 2007

The first real entry!!!!

Hooray for switching!!! Ha ha, I hope!!! I like it so far (all 1 day or whatever, tee hee...)... anyways, I really like that people can comment on my new diary!!!! I'm back at my internet cafe and another week is over! THANK GOODNESS!!! I'm very very very very happy about this! It was not a very wonderful week, because I was sick and busy! The really nice part though, was that tutoring started this week!!! For most of them anyways! Jenn started on Wednesday, which was much fun and will be much fun! Jenn was my very first tutoring student!!! And this is her last year of high school, which makes me feel a little old, but I feel very very lucky to have gotten to tutor her!!! Not that it's over yet, there's still 1 semester to go! It's nice too, because I won't lose track of her like with David and Gabby because Molly is kind of attached to her otherwise, and different and a little stronger than she was to Gabby! So this will be nice! And Marnie was so much fun too! She's very sweet and easy to teach, and MUCH BETTER AT MATH THAN SHE THINKS SHE IS!!! Which, I must say, I've noticed with all of them, but it's always a nice surprise. It's very disconcerting to me that I end up with most of these kids (for the most part at least) because of bad math teachers that they've had in the past. I hope that someday (should I survive university) I will be one of the really good teachers out there... I've had a lot of really good teachers and I know the impact that they can have, as lame as that is. In any case, Wanda gave my number to a friend of hers, and I'm excited to perhaps tutor her daughter as well! I just have to find some time! I may even only work 1 day a week at IDA, which would actually be pretty sweet, because I would MUCH rather be tutoring! It would be nice to find one more to tutor on Mondays, and that would really be awesome, because having two would totally be worth not working at IDA!!! Anyways... we'll see!!!! I thought I had exciting things to write here, but i'm not sure that I do! Oh well, that's OK! I hope I have more exciting things to say soon!!!

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