Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Reading Week

Ah, reading week, finally!!! Except that it's nearing its end, which is VERY VERY sad!!!! I love reading week so very much! Now all I have to look forward to is the end of my THIRD YEAR! Yes, my THIRD YEAR! HO-LY!!!! I can hardly believe that it's been two and a half years already! Well, I guess a little more than two and a half. Though I haven't been the student I should be most of the time, really only in a few courses, I still think that I have developed into a much different person than I was when I started. I've realized MANY things about life and about me, and that's OK. One thing that I've really learned is how valuable a good friendship is (yes Nattie, I'm primarily talking about you). Though, all friendships are valuable. I mostly realize how important when I miss Nattie these days, but seeing Sam and Kaila was pretty intense too. I wish we still had time like we did in highschool when we could go to church and then spend the rest of our Sundays enjoying each others company. Or Kaila playing steam roller while the three of us shared Sammie's bed on Saturday nights. I can't wait for Nattie to come to U of C though, it will be SO exciting!!!! We can meet places and have lunch together, just like good old times, and go to the gym together (somewhat like good old times, but it would be good for both of us to make it a habit, I think... AND FUN!).... Anyways... as much as I miss the friends that I was close to then and some of the fun that we've all had... everything has to go somewhere, and here is pretty decent too. There are always those moments, the ones you just want to freeze and hold on to forever. Like this week! I've spent it with Jordan and Nattie and Mattie and tutoring. And that is enough really, to make me happy. As much as Jordan is a weirdo and as awful as we can fight sometimes and as horrible as we can be to each other.... there's noone else I'd rather be with.... (man I use a lot of these ->......).... cause I love him, and that's OK too! Actually, it's wonderful. Cause I think he loves me too. Right dear? And he told his mommie that he loves me. I'm sure she was highly unimpressed and everything, but that'll happen. And as much as she probably doesn't approve of that, he still said it, and that's what really means something to me. Because in the end he has to make his own decision. I wish I didn't feel so uncomfortable around her though. I'm pretty sure I'm making it all up (or at least much worse) in my head, but it's still very weird. And I hope he doesn't say anything to them, because that would be even more uncomfortable. And I would be muchly angry.

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