Tuesday, February 27, 2007


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The feeling of spring follows you. Newness, surprise, beginnings and growth. Your fresh perspective gives others much to consider.


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Ha Ha, I stole that off Nattie's blog. Actually, I saw it, did the quiz, and posted my own result, but you get the idea. It was fun. Today we got our marks back for the Soci 371 midterm and I didn't do too wonderfully, but I can't complain. And I won't. I have math soon and I'm not particularly in the mood, especially because Jordan asked me if I wanted a ride home, and of course I want a ride home, I am just unable to go home right now, and so I had to say no. I've also gotten, like, 6 phone calls while being in this computer lab and every time I get up, I feel like a tool. So hooray!

Today, the train was plastered with ads for slice, a new TV station. Well, actually, I think the life network is just changing their name, because there is a link on the slice website to the life network. In any case, the ads are all about reality shows, so I wonder if the whole station is reality shows. This would be pretty cool, especially for me and Nattie (who likes reality shows even more than I do!)!!! So I'm excited to check it out once it launches on March 5. Other than that, not much to put on here. It's my first day back at school after reading week, and I lost my planner thing, but I bought a new one today for 6 dollars, which is a steal of a deal, since it's worth 24. I should do the same thing next year! I still L-O-V-E facebook and it makes wasting time fun, PLUS I've talked to lots of people with whom I had previously lost touch! It's pretty fun. A girl that I know from the Zboard thinks she might be pregnant, and that's cool, cause she lives here, and we've talked about maybe meeting somewhere sometime, so that would be fun... I have a sad sneaking suspicion that she may not have many friends, though she goes to a youth group, so maybe just not too many close friends. I'm probably wrong anyways, so it doesn't matter. Also, my cousin's having a baby and some girl in my soci class is too, but the only one that really matters is that my cousin is having one! That is exciting. I never really got to meet/spend time with any of my other cousins' kids when they were really little and stuff, and since she's in Edmonton, maybe I'll get to spend more time with this one! I'm excited anyways, it should be awesome!

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