Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Wow! It's so freaking cold today!!! Even inside, the school is freezing!!!! I'm VERY PO'd though... I think MSN webmessenger is over!!! I can't go there and searching isn't helping!!! I don't know what to do!!! I loved it soooooo much!!!! Anyways, whatever I guess... maybe it's just out of commission for right now (I hope so!).... my phone died the other day!!! The flip comes right out, fairly easily. This is not fun, and it makes it very difficult to make phone calls, but my new phone will be coming this week, and I'm VERY excited about that!!! Otherwise, tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I will be eating Vietnamese food, which is SO exciting! Also, James is buying me half a TV for V-day (I'm buying the other half) and I am VERY excited for that also, because I have missed Stephen Colbert immensely!!! OK, so I think you can get yahoo messenger as a web messenger, and I already have a yahoo account! So, it's louamonster@yahoo.com, if anyone is on yahoo messenger, and maybe that will have to be my new at-school messenger... I can't believe how obsessed with this I am! Anyways, the only really important things that I came on here to say was that tomorrow is Valentine's day, and I will be getting my new, non-broken phone sometime this week! Both of which I am VERY excited about!!!!

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