Monday, May 7, 2007

My blogger was down yesterday and I can't remember what I said my title was! :)

So, this year at school really sucked! It definitely had its moments outside of school time that were really great, but the school part was really not good. I definitely did not adjust well to the U of C and I really regret that I didn't try harder to do so. Even talking to some people in a couple of classes probably would have helped, because feeling alone was the biggest trouble for sure. REally though, that's not what I've been thinking about. I've been thinking about the way I worked. And that's really that I didn't. I sure did more work than I've ever done before, particularly in my theory classes, because those were so awesome. I just need to learn to transfer the type of work ethic that I started in those classes and generalize them to all of my classes. I'm not sure how, but this summer I'd like to prepare myself to be able to do that. The last couple of days I've really been thinking about how I obviously need to change my life. It just isn't worth slacking off and flunking out of school for nothing. I think me and Nattie (I know I shouldn't speak for her, and I'm probably wrong, so keep that in mind) have tried to keep up our highschool habits (definitely me at least 1000 times more than her, probably not her at all, she always did her homework, I almost never did), so MY highschool habits and I haven't started working. At least not like I should. So, next year I'm just going to have to try harder. It started out well at the beginning of the winter semester, I was taking it one day at a time and doing my math homework, and the thing that kills me is that once I start doing it, I totally love it! I love math and I love reading social theory and trying to get meaning from it and trying to navigate it, I can just never get going! To be perfectly honest, I'd sit in my theory class like a pig in mud I was so happy! I would sit there and think, "this is what I'm meant to do with my life", but I'll never get there if I don't stop being so damn lazy! So next semester I'll just have to try again! I think I'm going to change my basement sewing room around and get a table from Ikea and paint and put down a rug and I can do my work there. HAving somewhere to work/tutor will definitely help, because when I'm at work I always want to be doing schoolwork, so that will help. And other than that, I'll just have to pull motivation out as much as I can. So, I hope Jordan will help me out and do work with me sometimes, and I know Nattie already does work, so I will just have to follow her lead! Hopefully I can do this this time, or else I will honestly just have to take some time off because I cannot afford to bomb another school year! So wish me luck fellas!!!
On another note, there's something very wrong with my arm! It's really weak and it hurts a lot! They really screwed up royally with my IV and I've got really horrible bruises on my hand and on my arm (they obviously tried to put the IV in my hand first and it didn't work and then did an equally bad job on my arm). It's not good, I hope it's better tomorrow!!!!


Natalie said...

Ewww, damn IV tech!

I do do work (do do, haha) and you can definitely do it too! It is honestly so rewarding to look at a test mark and know that you earned it through hard work! If I am at the U of C next year we should definitely spend some quality time with the library or something studying together! Even in your sewing room, or in my basement like when we were doing math. I agree that taking it day by day is key! If I think about the long run it makes my head hurt. Weekly goals are what I do, and that seemed to work better than anything I have done before!

Sorry for the lengthy comment. I'll try to update later today (if d-land will let me!!)

Louamonster said...

Thanks Nattie. You're truly a gem. I really liked your (so not too long) comment. I knew you did work! You tricky girl! Naw, I kid!!! :)

PS- IV tech my butt, I say IV amateur!

Natalie said...

Meh, its not like I even do a lot of work. Just did my math labs and read my chapters that I had to read. Was it a secret?

Louamonster said...

Was what a secret?

Kaila said...

I know you can do it if you put your mind to it. I have started Japanese class and it is so hard that I just want to quit sometimes but then I realize how cool it would be to know Japanese and how much I will be able to talk to people here and get to know them I continue and I do take it one day at a time like Nat says. I still am horrible at Japanese and hope someday I get better. But just find something that makes you really want to get good grades in something and think of it whenever you don't want to study or it is stressing you out. I hope that helped. And good luck with it next year. I will be home and can help you focus for the end of the year next time. Love yah buddy. also I hope your arm feels better!!

Louamonster said...

Thanks Klaila. You made me smile :)