Monday, May 14, 2007

At work.

Boo for being at work! I had a really nice weekend though, so it happens I guess! Me and Nattie and Matt all had dinner on Friday night and then we went to Loose Moose and we almost didn't know how to get there, but Matt took us to a wrong place pretty close to it and then Nattie finished the puzzle! And then on Saturday we all went to Matt's army wrap-up thing for the year and that was pretty cool. It was definitely fun to go see Matt at work and meet a few of his friends, plus I've never seen the army base before so it was definitely really interesting too. It was kind of a strange feeling though, to imagine what has happened in that building, or others like it. For some reason, watching all the kiddies running around reminded me of the videos on TV of soldiers leaving to go overseas and their families saying goodbye to them. That always makes me sad and it made me a little sad standing there thinking about it. It was still a great time though, cause it was definitely a happy thing! And then we went in to this training room thing where they have different guns and stuff and Matt tried to show us how to shoot these guns but they were too heavy, but Nattie was pretty good at it! And then we tried out the rocket launcher and we both lit a virtual tank on fire. It was pretty cool. Matt's really good at shooting though, it was cool to watch him and his army friends shooting. In any case, though it made me sad to think about people leaving to go overseas I also thought about how much they have to sacrifice and although I'm a tree-hugging, liberal-minded green party supporter, and I wish there was no war, I am also amazed at the bravery and intense sacrifice it takes for people to leave their homes and families to help people like me, so it was a cool experience and it made me have a lot more awareness and stuff for the fact that we do, in fact, have an army. Which is weird, cause MAtt works for the army lots, but I guess I just never thought about it. I did think it was a little weird for them to be showing their kids how to shoot guns, but that's certainly other people's decisions, not mine! And then mothers day was fun. We had brunch and Moll and I bought my mom a hammock and it's real comfy, so that's cool. And last night was the bittersweet end of Survivor. It was disappointing though, only because I thought Dreamz would keep his word and give his immunity to Yau-Man. I was disappointed by the PEOPLE (Dreamz, Cassandra, Earl), not the show! Survivor:China........ coming this fall!!!!!!!! Woo hooo!!!!!!!!!

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Survivor China!!! Wahooooooooo!