Thursday, May 24, 2007

Internet cafe date

I'm back at that internet cafe I used to wait for James at. It's very very close to Wanda, Marnie and Steve's house, so it's easy to walk to. I was fortunate enough today that my daddy picked us up from work and dropped me off here, so I had time to go to Subway and come here! it's very exciting!!!! Tonight me and Nattie are going to The Killers! I'm so excited! We will have lots of fun!

Unfortunately, my back is quite sore today! I'm not sure what I did to it, but I think I'll stay away from the elliptical at work. It's strangely set up, maybe I'm too short for it or something. In any case, it was a boring day. I wish I had something interesting to say, because I love reading other people's blogs and stuff but I don't update mine very much! I'm going to try and update more, but it's tough when I've got nothing to say really! I'm sure I'll have more to say tomorrow.

I'm still so happy James is home. Yesterday we talked to each other just before we went to sleep and said goodnight, which I really missed. I'm just so happy he's back. And I'm also SO EXCITED because Josh Groban is going to be at the Saddledome on August 15 and I already bought tickets!!!! Me and James and James's parents are going together and it will be ridiculously awesome!!!!!!!!! I'm just way too pumped for it!

I'm really not in the mood for tutoring today, i'm not sure why. It always amazes me, cause I LOVE tutoring, I just often don't feel up to it. Probably just cause I want to get to the show and stuff. It should be fun though. It's only an hour anyways and Wanda told me that Marnie got the highest mark in her class on a math test last week! I'm so proud of her!

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