Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May Long 2007!

So I went to Kamloops-ish to meet James and other friends of his for a fun cabin weekend! It was really fun, Chris drove up and his backseat is really comfy and I slept some of the way. Plus it was fun to drive up with him and Felipe and Giuliana! We played MASH and love calculator and soulmate for a little while (I later realized I was pseudo-cheating on Nattie by doing this almost, because we always play that together, but I'm going to be honest, it's always MUCH funner with NAttie!). The drive up wasn't actually too bad. I'm impressed we only stopped twice, and it was only to pee and get gas once. I bought a bottle of Fiji water (my FAVOURITE) but we didn't eat anything on the way! And we had a really fun weekend together, the six of us (Nate and Jord were there too of course). We did some drinking, some boating, some sitting around doing nothing/playing guitar hero, played some mini golf, ate so many hotdogs I could burst and did lots of sleeping! We were sort of lame and all went to bed pretty early every night!!!! And then when we got home yesterday me and James went to his house for a while and then went out with Tomo for a super delicious dinner where his brother was our friendly and prompt waiter!!! Oh yeah, it was my first experience at Open Sesame and it was so delicious! I will for sure be going back sometime! We all ordered this chicken katsu thing from the menu, but I'd also like to try their buffet-ish thing sometime where you pick out your stuff and they cook it up for you! It was delicious anyways, and much fun to see Tomo!!! Then me and James came back here and did nothing again! It was pretty fun! We watched the Bachelor (and Tessa won, which I so knew was going to happen)! I had bought a bunch of groceries yesterday in plans to make brunch but James went to help Steve build his deck instead, so we just went out to Subway. All in all it was a fun weekend! And my parents got home a few hours ago which was cool too! I really wish I could cancel my lesson tonight but I just can't do it, seeing as I cancelled 2 this month already. Anyways, it was a lovely weekend and it's so very nice to have James home! I really missed talking to him before bed, which we usually do, call to say goodnight or whatever, and I'm excited for that today!!!!

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