Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Almost skool!


It's been a LONG time since I wrote in here for sure! It's a lot more difficult to keep on top of blogging during the summer for sure! I went to Winnipeg though, and that was really fun, I got to visit all of my family who lives there which I haven't gotten to do in about 3 years really, I was there for an actual vacation the year I graduated and then just quickly for Maile's wedding, so it was exciting!! Jordan came with me too and I think (HOPE) that he had a good time too! We even stayed with Baba which was interesting and pretty taxing but good nonetheless. Today was my first day of mine and Nattie's week off together! It was lots of fun, we went to Walmart to buy the newest season of desperate housewives and then up to the U of C so I could show her around and stuff. We also got our U-pass stickers and books, so it was a very productive day! Then we went to Market Mall and grabbed some lunch, chinese food, though it was like 2, so I use the word lunch fairly loosely and some popcorn from Kernels for our DH watching, but the guy who worked there was a real dink! Didn't matter though, it was all good! I also got a Flames T-shirt with Huselius's name and number on the back, so that was exciting!!! I'm psyched to get back into working out at school, and I think I'll have lots of time to do that too, so that's sweet! It's kind of a bummer though, because I won't be at school on Thursdays to do so, but oh well. days off are good, not bad! Maybe when I get a job I can work during the day on Thursdays, like an 8 hour shift or something! That would be really sweet! I really hope I can get a job at Sears!!!! I really want to sell baby stuff again!!! :) I wrote this a few days ago and it didn't post! Silly! PS-today we went for a double feature and saw Surf's Up and Knocked Up, both pretty cute. We'd seen knocked up before and it was OK the second time but not nearly as funny! There was this whacked out woman who had three young kids with her though! That movie is SOOOOOOOOOO NOT appropriate for youngens!!!

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Natalie said...

It really wasn't as funny the second time, was it? I hope you are enjoying the week off as much as I am! <3