Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I was thinking this morning about how very lucky I have been to get to tutor kids in math! I just am so darn lucky! Sure, I'd love to keep on teaching math to kids for the rest of my life, but if I can't, then I've had a darn good run at it, and really enjoyed (pretty much) every minute of it. Anyways. I should get back to school time now. Oh, and also, I'm thinking of joining the campus greens. I thought about joining a club last year but didn't due to great fear, but what the heck. May as well, and that's pretty much the only group for me.... I would have maybe liked to have joined Hillel, but I'm just not really Jewish, so it wouldn't count. Plus I'd look like a total idiot considering I know little to none about Judaism. Oh well. Campus greens is good. And something I really believe in, luckily!!! Anyways.... sorry for the side note. I hope I can keep on tutoring, and I get to start with someone new on Monday!! Hooray!!!

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