Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today I was thinking about how much I miss the times when everyone called me Lou. It was just fun, you know? It was all about fun.... just going to youth and hanging out with people that I absolutely loved and just having a good time, with all our drama and "dating" and all the awesome friendships that we ha(d/ve)..... not necessarily that being called Lou is what made those times so good (of course it wasn't, it's just a coincidence).... but it's nice to see Brendan and James (and Carson a couple weekends ago!!!) and have them call me Lou. Brings up real nice memories.

Anyways, on another note, the temperature outside went below 25 so it's now approximately 6 or 7 degrees inside the school. It's SO COLD!!!! And I lost my vest. My NEW vest, that I bought to replace the one that was lost in the movie theatre incident. It def totally sucks.

Doesn't really matter that much though. It's cold, I'll get over it. Today I am going for my first swim of the year though, right after my math quiz and I'm so psyched to do it!!! I love swimming so much and I brought all my stuff today!!!! I'm curious to know what is involved in a triathlon. Maybe I could pretend to train for one, and then I would have some sort of a goal. Like, see how much swimming/biking/running is involved and then see what I can do. Who knows though. I'm not really that concerned. I'm still having fun going everyday, although my attendance has been a little spotty since I was sick last week and Jord took me out for lunch yesterday!!! Anyways, must go to math, quiz starting soon!!! I hope this is enjoyable for you, NAttie!!!!

<3 Lou. (tee hee)

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Natalie said...

Very enjoyable! Thanks Lou (although I don't know if I ever called you that)!