Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So, I still hate the U of C. Not as much as last year today though, but yesterday was NOT GOOD! It was just because we had to put together groups and this girl from my soci of work disaster group is in my class and at first she said she would be in our group but then she ditched, and I know exactly why. Oh well though, she's really no big treat to work with anyways, I'm a little happy today she ditched but yesterday it just brought back so many unhappy memories of that big disaster. I still hate that that biznatch totally won, and probably because she is 40 and I'm 20. Oh well though, it's so over but I just can't remember that ever!!! Tomorrow I get to start my new job driving a segway (look down) around the mall!!!

The other cool thing about that is that I know the person who's training me! His name is Alex and he goes to Peace! I'm pretty excited about that, even though he probably won't remember me!!! Anyways, other than yesterday, the first 3 days of school have been OK. I've been keeping up with the tiny amount of homework that I have thus far, and we have a presentation next week in soci of lifelong learning already! It's going to be pretty boring to prepare for I think, because we have to look at this public policy statement on lifelong learning from the UK and so far it's a little dry. Oh well though, no biggie! I hope lots of people update their blogs too! It's so much easier to update during the school year!!! Anyways, for those of you who read this who went back to school, good luck and for the rest, have a nice day! (why should today be different than any other day?) Ha ha. I'm feeling silly right now for sho.

The exciting thing today is that I get to go to a play! My cousin Jennifer had an extra ticket so she invited me!!! I'm very excited about it! I love plays so much!!! I think I'll have to leave this computer lab though, because I get no cell phone reception here and I'd hate for her to phone me and me not answer!!!


Anonymous said... me or im gonna stalk you at the mall

Natalie said...

I think you should update on Monday nights so I have something to read in lab!