Monday, October 1, 2007


The weekend was fairly uneventful but lovely. I spent it with Jord and even though I spent almost all of it doing (listening to/unwillingly participating in) football and Halo 3 stuff it was still super fun to hang out with Jord and Tomo and Justin and Adam.... And then we went to Fev and Steve's for dinner (Steve actually was at work), and it was really fun! We ate Pang Pang (chinese food) and Jord took some allergy stuff so he was Claritin clear of allergies to Fev's doggie, Philip!!! It was fun though, and we tried out Fev's hot tub and it was really nice! Their house is SOOOOO nice!!! And the whole weekend made me want to move out so bad! Granted, most do! Oh, also, when I was at work on... Saturday, I think.... I saw an ad in fast forward about wanting a female vocalist for a band. I thought about calling. I can't get it out of my mind actually. It happens though. I guess there's no pressure about a phone conversation. I don't know. Who has time for that sort of thing. And, with my luck, even if I called and the guy said sure and I was good enough, they're probably all in, like, the NE or something totally unaccessable to me. Anyways, not important... SNL was super good on Saturday! It gives me much hope for the future!!!!

It's great. There were lots of good ones though. During weekend update, Keenan Thompson (sp?) was supposed to be OJ and he said "What happens in Vegas, you must acquit!" It was really really funny!!!!

Anyways, I don't have any good rantings today (as usual), but Nattie wanted to have somethign to read, so I figured that since I'm here I might as well. Ooh, Iron Chef America is starting RIGHT NOW!!!

Gosh I want to move out. I wish I could afford rent ANYWHERE! Ha ha, anywhere in Calgary I mean. But not in the NE. Well, I'd probably live in the NE actually.