Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today me and Nattie are sitting in the elbow room doing work and dicking around, all at the same time. I went into my blogger account to update (right now) because I did not do it last night (my homework from Nattie).... and all of the written stuff is in Chinese characters. Or maybe Japanese. I can't tell the difference. It looks like this --> 粗体 Hmmm. Very very strange. Nattie is updating her blog too, so if you read mine, you should go read hers too!!! :)

Anyways, now for the important stuff. Actually, there's isn't much important stuff. I got a 92 on my race and ethnicity midterm though!!! Hooray! And I am always so upset that my phone doesn't know the word "midterm" so when I type it in a text, it always comes out "niftero".... which isn't a word anyways, as far as I know! Whatever though. It is what it is. I have another niftero this afternoon. It will last 2 hours, which sucks big time and a half. I also hope we get our last quizzes back in math today, because I'm really psyched to know what I got! Today me and Nattie came to school quite early and had bagels and they were very delicious!!! Hooray!!! Hmm. What else? I enjoyed one of my first study dates ever with someone other than Nattie. We have had many study dates, most of which were productive for approximately 10-12 minutes. Perhaps I'm underestimating a little, but I know that we studied for our chem 30 final together for something in the neighbourhood of 30 minutes and then went to the lake. We also studied the ear for bio 30 for approximately 30 minutes and then I'm pretty certain that we went to do something else more fun, but I can't remember what that was to save my life. Also, for our chem 351 final, we did a pretty good job, because we split up the topics and each learned about half of the course and then taught it to each other. But right after that (which probably didn't take more than an hour or so), we walked to the mall for teen burgers. They were delicious though, that's for sure. I suppose it's sort of fate though, and something that we should have noticed then and not later: that neither of us cared about chemistry in the slightest. It was sort of a godsend that we failed that course or else probably neither of us would be doing something we liked. We would still be miserable, taking science courses!!!

Anyways, about my study buddy.... Aliece and I are in the same group for our lifelong learning class and we were also in theory together last year. I really like her a lot and I think we're fairly well matched to study together. Also, I don't know her like I know Nattie and stuff so it's easier to sit and study because I can't think of 1,000,000,000 things we should be doing instead.

On Sunday, after studying with Aliece, my mom and Molly and I went out for lunch and my mom was having a migraine and then she said she was having a stroke. Then she started slurring her words and making bizarre sentences and she didn't remember who Dwight from the office was! Also, her mouth went numb and stuff. It was real weird and scary but she wouldn't let us take her to the hospital. So she ate something and she felt better, but it was still weird and scary.

I think that's all that is new! I get to start being trained in the booth at work this Thursday and that's very exciting because segway is SOOOOOO boring!!!! So I'm glad!!! :) <-- (me)



Natalie said...

Haha, maybe you and I would actually be good study buddies now that we like what programs we are in. I mean, chem, bio, and o-chem... can you blame us for being so easily distracted? Anyway, I'm glad you found someone who you can study with! You and I should try it again sometime.

Louamonster said...

ha ha, maybe. We should do it on a day that we're locked in somewhere and nothing is open on the outside (like the lake, and stuff). Maybe we could do it. We should try it out sometime :)

Kaila Cook said...

The reason you can't tell Japanese and Chinese apart is because Japanese takes a lot of characters from the Chinese alphabit. The Chinese characters in Japanese are called Kanji. Most of them mean the same thing in Chinese and Japanese, just a different way of saying them. 粗体- is chinese because in Japanese the two symbols don't go together 粗- means Chaff, the boney part of a fish or if you add a い to the end of that kanji it would mean rough/fierce/violent. 体- means body/figure/health/and physical depending on how you use it.
I don't know if you wanted to know all that but if you did this gives you some insight.