Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I want to go home!

Today I very very much want to just go home and hang out with my family!!! Molly just had her boobies sucked out so she's sitting at home and recovering and my mom got laid off, and my dad's always home during the day, so I have to be out and about while everyone else gets to hang out at home!!! I'm soooooo jealous!!!

Anyways, on a happier note... yesterday I went to buy a bottle of Aquafina (yuck, but I had no other choice)... and I put my toonster in the vending machine and pressed the water button and when I looked down there were 2 bottles there!!!! Hooray!!! It was very very exciting! At least until Nattie reminded me of a couple weeks ago when the vending machine ate my toonster when I was trying to pick up a DP! So I guess I broke even, but it was still exciting yesterday!!!

Oh, and also... I forgot to put my shampoo and conditioner back into my shower basket at school yesterday and it's gone! So I guess I have to buy new shampoo and conditioner, but oh well! I'm a little happy because now I get new shampoo and conditioner! The old stuff never made my hair feel really clean! So whatever. It just kind of sucked today because I used shower gel in my hair and now it feels pretty darn icky!!! Anyways, I'm kind of excited that I get new stuff!!!

I don't think I have much else to say today! It is my mommy's birthday, and she's turning 50 so I guess that's kind of exciting!!! Especially cause I think they might be ordering dinner tonight, and that's always a good time!!!! I have to go soon, so I can go to class, so I suppose I should do that now. It was fun wasting time today though, instead of doing homework on my break!

I felt really bad yesterday because we had (my group for my class) agreed to all find an article so we could narrow down our topic, and I hadn't done it yet yesterday in class so I felt like a real jerk, but I feel much much better today because I found a bunch and emailed the links to everyone else! Hooray for catching up!!!

Anyways, I'm actually outta here this time, the lab is getting sort of full, and I don't need a puter! Plus I have to go to the bathroom before I go to class!!! Too much information? Oops!


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Natalie said...

Haha, sorry for sucking the thrill right out of your vending machine experience.