Monday, October 22, 2007

Sicky day

I stayed home sick today because I felt like death most of the weekend and so I thought today would be the best day to have to stay home because I definitely can't stay home tomorrow! I wish I could, but I can't!!!

Anyways, the weekend was good. I did a lot of mall stuff though. I worked in the booth on Thursday (hooray! SOOOOOO much better than Segway), and then Friday we had this course thing and then I worked Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was ALL in the booth and Saturday was about half and half. I changed my clothes SO many times on Saturday though it was insane!

Anyways, on Friday after the course me and Nattie and Mattie all watched the Office! I was very tired though, I think I kicked them out at like 10:30 which I felt pretty bad about, and sad because I was having a lot of fun! But it is what it is I suppose. Then work was pretty good, Jord and Mel and Kyle came and sat with me while I had lunch and then after I went to Safeway to meet Jord and then waited for what seemed like forever for him! Plus, Starbucks was closed and I had looked forward to my non-fat, no-whip cafe mocha ALL DAY! Anyways, again, it is what it is. I bought a red bull instead and that was pretty decent. Then, we went to Mel's house and watched the game and ate some pizza and then we went to ScreamFest. We kind of knew better too, but we went anyways. And it was pretty much as lame as last year. Oh well though, it was nice to hang out! And then we went to my house and watched SNL. Well, tried to. It was a repeat from 2 weeks ago. Nice work, SNL. Tee hee. Oh well though. We both fell asleep pretty early and then Sunday I went to work again and then we went to The Spill Canvas at the warehouse with Tomo and Nate. It was pretty fun, but I was very sick and realized about halfway in that I should have asked Felipe if he wanted to take my ticket and have Jord drive me home. I ate so many cough drops that I made myself sick to my stomach too which was not good. Plus, there's a smoke machine there and for some reason I'm very sensitive to smells so that made it worse. Whatever though, it was fun and I do like the Spill Canvas so it was good!

And then I stayed home today!!! Nothing too exciting, huh? I'm pretty choked I missed math though. I have a feeling this will not bode well for me. I'll have to find someone to ask for notes. I have exactly 0.00 friends in that class and the same amount of people that I talk to. So whatever I guess, I'll figure something out!

Ooh, one exciting thing that I had forgotten about!!! Jennifer and I went out to the Den for lunch on Friday and we both ordered hamburgers (which were very good, but I'd probably order something different the next time, this also made my tummy upset)... anyways, it was taking a long time and so Jennifer asked how long the waitress thought it would be (not awkwardly, really normal...I would feel awkward asking, but it was good).... and so the waitress apologized profusely and so her manager brought out our lunches and said it was on her! It was very sweet and unnecessary! But a nice treat for sure!!!

Today, Nicole came to be tutored and she got hit by a car outside her school last week! That's so brutal and scary!! I hope she gets better soon! She was pretty lucky though, it looks like she only injured her knee (which is definitely bad but much better than many alternatives) and so hopefully she'll get better very quickly!!!


Natalie said...

Haha I'm excited for you about your free hamburgers. We will have to go to the Den for a meal sometime; perhaps with those boys if mine ever comes back! And if the four of us can ever coordinate our schedules!!

I thought you sounded a little like death warmed over this evening when you rang. I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course. I hope your recovery ay helped and that you feel better tomorrow! It sounded like you had a good weekend though, so at least that is good!

Haha, Screamfest. I'll just leave that comment like that.

I feel like I had something exciting to say, but I can't seem to remember! I'm going to read your entry over again and see if I remember.

Natalie said...

I couldn't remember what I was going to say, but I was in my bed and I felt really bad for saying you sounded like death warmed over, even if I meant it in the nicest possible way.

I sorry. :(

Louamonster said...

You shouldn't feel bad! I did sound like death warmed over!