Sunday, November 4, 2007


I'm not really in the mood to elaborate on my whole weekend, but I'll say that it was fun and I'm still sick so I didn't do much, just worked a lot and hung out with people.

Tonight, I met with my group for Soci 401 (lifelong learning) for our big group presentation on Tuesday. There are four of us in our group, Aliece, Elisa, Ice, and me! I've been in classes with Aliece and Elisa before, so I knew them-ish.... but anyways, I've really enjoyed our projects but today was really frustrating. Elisa wasn't letting Aliece and I be nitpicky about things and that was really bothering us both. I'm just a bit of a stickler for good sounding grammar and wording and such. Anyways, it doesn't matter. E is happy with just getting a 12/15 on our presentation or something, and I'm not crazy about working hard and shooting for 12. I would like to shoot for 15. Anyways, A feels the same and it's very frustrating. E wants to dumb-down everything, which is not appropriate for this presentation. Our audience is other soci 401 students. We can assume that they know the word disparity. Whatevs though, I guess. This is my group and I am happy that we've done well so far. Annnnyways.... I'm excited to get our presentation so I can nitpick and add the main conclusion that we came up with and then do the presentation on Tuesday and have it out of my way!!!! I did, however, remember that I have some graphs to make for it, so I will try and be fast with this next part.

Aliece drove me to my car tonight and we were talking about how it would be nice if there was an interview portion of the application for an education degree. Neither of us are thrilled with our GPAs and so we would both like it if we could show whoever it concerns that we are passionate about teaching and would make great teachers, etc. Anyways, and I was wondering on my way home if I could ever get "stale" as a teacher, which is one of my greatest fears about teaching high school. When you teach university, you are always active in your field and you do research, etc, so it's much harder to become stale about it. How many "stale" teachers did you have in your school career? I'm guessing many. Anyways, I don't think I could just because I feel very, very passionate about teaching math. Anyways, long story short, the Renert centre at school has been advertising for math and science tutors for months, and so I'm going to check into it tomorrow (unless I stay home tomorrow to try and get better and then I'll go on Tuesday). Anyways, I can't wait to see what they say. I even have resumes in my bag, I just have to check if I can use a couple of people for references. I would love to get involved with Renert or something.


Natalie said...

Yes, some teachers along the way are for sure stale, but its the ones who aren't and who still love their jobs that have the most impact on people and are the most memorable. For example, compare our bio 30 teacher with our grade 8 math teacher. How many more stories could we share about bio than math? I'm thinking lots. I think you would be a fantastic teacher; one that is still loving her job in 20 years. :)

Louamonster said...

Ha ha, this is true. It would be nice if they could weed out the stale ones, but then there would be few to no teachers left. Grade 8 math was such a horrible class!!! Bio 30 was awesome. So yes, there definitely are unstale teachers who have been doing it for a long time!