Monday, November 26, 2007


Holy cowabunga batman is it getting cold out! I know I'm just being a complainer, because it's only like -14 or something today (even though the windchill takes it to -24)..... but still, coldest day of the winter so far for sure and it's no fun! Oh well though. I'm really really really excited for Christmas this year which is REALLY strange because I usually am not excited for Christmas until, like, December 24! BUT.... I think my parents threw out the trailer tree last year, which is really really good!

The old tree...The new tree... (I think)

These aren't MY trees, but ones that I think are pretty similar.... in any case, the one I found a picture of that's like the old one doesn't look quite as trashy as ours was, but it was serious trailer park boys stuff. And even worse in the dark. Anyways, I really hope the "new" tree picture is like the one my parents bought last year, so I'll just have to hope hope hope!!!

Otherwise, it's flipping freezing out!!! I can't find my favourite scarf and I have this really nice one that Jordan's parents gave me for Christmas two years ago but it's too itchy! So this is no good! Anyways, whatever I suppose.

On another note, my firefox just spell-checked "windchill" as incorrect. How does it not know that word? That is very strange. I really hope my regular math teacher is back today, but I kind of get the sneaking suspicion he won't be back which is no good because our new one sucks!!!! He's a really nice guy but he's not a terribly good teacher. His quiz was easy though, so I guess I could handle him being our teacher for the rest of the year if I had to. Anyways, only 11 days, 5 hours, and 26 minutes until the last day of class and 17 days, 7 hours, and 56 minutes until final is over!!!! I'm excited for that!!!! I think I will drop my math course and pick up two socis so I can graduate in June. And I'm gonna go see if I can find Linda (or ANYONE) to see if she (or anyone) can help me decide what to do!!! Me need help!!! EEK! Frick it's cold! I'm even wearing my boots! I wonder if I just need to get some wind-resistant pants to help me through the winter. I think I even have some decent ones. I would really like to take a ski lesson or two this winter but I also do not want to pay 1,000,000,000 dollars either. I don't think COP is so bad for a learner. Oh well though, it's lame that they don't have any prices on their website. Lame lame lame. I miss Wintergreen!!!!!

Annnyways.... I gotta go print and pay and go to class!!!! Have a nice blustery day everyone!!!!


Natalie said...

She was a ho... fo sho.

Keep warm!

Natalie said...

I'm glad you will be doing the survey soon. You haven't had a new entry in forever!!