Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not in the mood to post right now.

Eh. Still sick, don't feel like doing anything, even posting on the puter! I went to the doctor with my ma today and she gave us each a puffer and some antibiotics but of course I don't feel better yet. I really tried to go to school today but I was too dizzy and winded in the shower to go so I stayed home. I probably should have stayed home even longer when my mom did errands before our appointment, but oh well. This is what happened! Anyways, I have to go tutor tonight and last night someone new called about tutoring!!! Hooray! I'm excited about that! I think I should call her soon because that is muchly exciting!!!! Annnnyways..... House was really good last night and so was Law and Order SVU. I also watched The Tudors for the first time and it was really good! Jordan's mom was singing its praises the other weekend, and even said it has a lot of good sex in it. Ha ha, funnie story there actually, because then Jordan asked what bad sex was and Jord's mom said "fat people" (and then a little later) "ugly people". It was pretty funnie. Pretty strange too because I am definitely not used to hearing Jordan's parents talking about sex, good OR bad! Ha ha. Oh well. I'm quite sleepy though and already can't wait until Thursday even though I've done NOTHING all week! I am going to be in major trouble when I actually go back to school!!! EEK! Anyways, I should go because I have to tutor soon.


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