Friday, November 23, 2007


Meg always used to make lists when she used to work at Blue Funk and TRU when she was bored. Today, I will attempt 2 for sure (maybe more if I think of more).

A short list of things that drive me bonkers:
1)Tiredness. Nattie and I watched Sicko last night and now I am quite sleepy because we finished it at 1 am. I woke up just after 7, so this is why.
2)My nervous stomach. I have a midterm today and I studied precious little for it. I still have an hour left before I have to go write it, but my tummy is trying to commit suicide or something and it's driving me nuts.
3)Coldness. It's flipping freezing in this school even though it really isn't all that cold outside, and this makes little to no sense.
4)The fact that my nose literally can't contain itself. It's been running non-stop for like a week now, but I bought some more kleenex today so it's not that bad.

A short list of places I'm dying to see:
1)Montreal. This is the easiest place on my list to travel to. I'd love to go there. I'd like it if I could actually speak French when I go, but I'm certain they'd recognize my accent in a second and just speak English to me.
2)NYC. I want to <3 NY.
3)Ireland. Please! So pretty and green! And my favourite accent on this globe. Please!
4)France. I would still really like to see France. Sicko also made me want to visit because it looked amazing!!! Again, obviously French would be an asset.

There are more things that drive me crazy and more places I'd like to visit, but these are the things I was thinking about today. Ha ha, along with my midterm. I kind of half don't think it will be all that bad, but I'm still worried about it. I would like to get started on my Race and Ethnicity term paper today so I should get my bum moving in printing out my articles. I have 1 that I haven't finished reading yet but I think I should print the other three that I haven't read yet. Running on 1 read article when it's due in, like, 2 weeks is not good. I would also enjoy it muchly if I could hand it in early because if I have to hand it in the day that it's due I'll have to skip out or something on work when it's my availability mistake, so that would suck big time. Anyways, that does not matter. I kind of feel like applying to grad school today. I wonder how much it costs.



Natalie said...

Are you applying for sociology grad school or for teaching? Are you that close to being done? I am so jealous!

Louamonster said...

I dunno. Ha ha, neither for reals. And I'm not that close to being done but I've been thinking about dropping the math stuff and just taking soci and seeing where I go. Then I may be able to finish this year. Not sure though, and I'd definitely need spring courses.

Natalie said...

Oooh that is so exciting!

Louamonster said...

I checked and all I'd have to do is drop my math class and take 2 more 400-level soci courses instead (I'm pretty sure). Otherwise I'd have to take another 2 years of math for a minor, and doesn't a masters degree take about that much time? I kind of think so, and that would be a very much more valuable use of my time!