Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All things

Today is an "all things" post.

Molly says "all things" a lot because she said it once and it was hilarious...

M: I'm going shopping
L:For what?
M: Skirts, shorts, all things.
(and she said it a few times in the same conversation. Very very funny).


Firstly: Today feels like spring. It has that birds-chirping, sunny but chilly, snow-melting wonderful atmosphere. There is nothing I love in this whole wide world like the first of real spring... of course we get many of these in Calgary because of Chinooks, so I often get to experience MANY of these favourite days of mine. I just checked the weather and it will supposedly be nice for the rest of the week. Hooray!

Secondly: on the weekend, Jord, Neil, Lindsay and I watched High Fidelity. I saw this movie probably just after it came out, maybe 2001 or so, in Winnipeg with my cousin Maile and remember liking it. I just plain old L-O-V-E-D it this time though. I really think I understood it more. I also realized that it's a book that I will have to track down ASAP....

Thirdly: As usual, I'm wasting time that I do not have to waste. I SHOULD be reading or studying but do not feel like it, but whatever. I'm not too concerned about it. It's almost reading week and so I will have some relaxing/catchup time and I don't have to work much (at the mall I mean).... I'm excited for Edmonton though....

Fourthly: A really good quote by my really cool cousin: "everything we write doesn't have to be about saving the world"-Jennifer

(I'm going to save this and finish it later)...

OK. Fifthly: I got air-assaulted by prison weapons today in class. You see, my teacher brought in some examples of weapons that people can easily make in prison and I just always sit in the front on her side so I was most convenient to pretend assault. It was fun stuff. She swung this club thing at me and I wasn't paying attention and everyone laughed cause I just about got hit. It was actually very funny!

Sixthly: I am now at home and CANNOT concentrate on reading this really boring article. Maybe I should go elsewhere. I am listening to CBC radio to drown out the rest of the noise but there's lots of talking this time, whereas there's usually just music which helps, but the talking does NOT help. Plus this is one of the most boring articles of life.

Seventhly: I'm pretty sure my last couple of -lys are NOT words, but this is OK. I had my first stats midterm today. It was lots of fun.

I think this is all I have to say today! I hope I can finish reading this darned article, because I'm hoping to do some TV watching later.



Natalie said...

I like your lists. I should do one some day.

(When I read through your entry I think "Oh, I want to say something about that, and that, and that, and then by the time I get to this point, I can't remember the entry! Gah!)

Louamonster said...

Ha ha, thanks for liking my lists! It makes life easier. Plus I get to make up cool words like "seventhly"... also, that happens to me ALL THE TIME that I know what I want to say about stuff and then I forget. It's ridiculous.