Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reading Week

is over.... :(

I'm so upset that it's over so soon! In only 11 short hours I will be on my way to school! The good news though, is that BSD is only a short 53 days, 17 hours, and 9 minutes away. Yes, this sounds like a lot, but once things get moving again and I forget to check my phone countdown for a while it will not be all that bad. It's less than 2 months too, which is good. The only thing I don't like about this semester is that I may not have exams but I have a couple of big papers due exam week, which will be no fun. Whatever though, I'm just plain old excited for it to be over! Hooray!

Last weekend, we went to Edmonton to see Maile, Cam and Rylan! It was lots of fun except that Maile, my mom, auntie sharon and me all got sick! It was no fun, but it was a good weekend and even when I had the stomach flu I had a decent time because some of my favourite shows were on! I got to watch some American Idol Rewind which was way fun and the finale of American Gladiators and a new Family Guy! It was all a good time!!!

Otherwise, the week was fairly uneventful... we came home on Monday, I worked on Tuesday, did a little homework and didn't tutor so watched Big Love on Wednesday, went out with Nattie for double feature date and then watched Survivor and the Apprentice (so awesome!) on Thursday and had a lovely lovely date with Jord on Friday and then went out for dinner with my family to celebrate my mommy's new job on Friday night to the Redwater Grill!

Going back to school really isn't the worst thing in the world. I'll be very happy when this week is over though, I have to hand in a term paper outline on Monday and then I have a max. 10 pager due and a midterm on Thursday and probably a stats assignment due on Friday. It'll just be a good weekend. Plus I should get Sunday off because it's new schedule time and I told her I couldn't work on Sundays in March and April. I hope this turns out as well as I imagine that it will because I am very very very excited to hopefully have a day off a week! It's hard to have to wake up for one thing or another every single day of my life!

Something pretty unexciting is that my lovely tutoring student L might not be coming to see me anymore, but I'm not sure! Her teachers are switching her math program because she for sure plans to take math 14 and 24 in highschool instead of applied or pure and if she doesn't still come to see me I will definitely miss her!!!

Well, I'm off.....


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